Create an initial policy draft for new employees


Create an initial policy draft for new employees

Career Relevancy

Communication is the key to any good relationship. That is true in interpersonal relationships along with how a company runs. Additionally, having a system-wide understanding of proper communication channels and policy will help avoid miscommunication and potentially catastrophic issues. You will likely have to not only know your own company’s communication policy, but possibly even write one. Some areas you might address could include crafting a company social media policy, designing a presentation that could be given to a team of supervisors on employee management style and communication, and describing the kinds of topics that should be covered in an employee exit interview. While policies may differ from business to business, having a solid foundation of communication strategies will help you succeed as an HR professional.


Your company is revisiting the communication policy and channels due to impending growth. Previously, your company was small and didn’t have an official policy in place.

Create an initial policy draft for new employees and to share with current employees during their yearly training. Consider how you will address the following:

Workplace communications

External communications

Electronic and wireless communications

Social media communications

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