Criminal Code of Canada Assignment

Criminal Code of Canada Assignment This essay has to be based and followed on the following questions:

Criminal Code of Canada Assignment
Criminal Code of Canada Assignment

1) Using researched case law or any form of media (i.e. the internet, newspapers, magazines,etc.) locate an article or news item that discusses a Canadian
criminal offense occurrence where charges were laid, such as: ( Assault, Sexual Assault, Criminal Negligence, Criminal Harassment and Threatening, Theft,
False Pretence, Break & Enter, Robbery, Mischief, Arson, Breach of Trust, Causing a Disturbance, Indecent Acts, Drugs & Alcohol, Firearms & Weapons).
2) Thoroughly research this incident and the charges that were laid and extract as much information regarding the incident as you can.
3) Using the Criminal Code of Canada find the relevant section within the code that deals with the offense that you are researching.
4) Write a detailed essay of the charges and as they relate to the criminal code from a prosecutors perspective. Include in your essay all pertinent sections
and subsections of the code in your essay.
5) In your essay also write any case law or all points that a defense lawyer may use to have the charges dropped, clear the charged person ( not guilty
finding) or perhaps any grounds that might lead to a miss-trial
Note: There may be more than one offense committed within a crime, to ensure that you cover all possible charges that laid or could have been laid

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