Criminal Justice Senior Seminar Midterm

Criminal Justice Senior Seminar Midterm

Criminal Justice Senior Seminar Midterm Senior Research Seminar

Criminal Justice Senior Seminar Midterm
Criminal Justice Senior Seminar Midterm
  1. What are the differences between the major models of the criminal justice system? How are the goals of the criminal justice system addressed by each model?
  2. What is systems analysis? Describe a criminal justice problem that illustrates the importance of systems analysis.
  3. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of interagency collaboration. Give a specific example.
  4. A new after-school delinquency prevention program is being established. The Program Director calls you up on the telephone and asks your advice on how to design a good program. What advice can you give him/her? What questions would you ask him/her?
  5. Read Case Study 7.1, Implementation Woes: Providing Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) for Inmates in State Prisons. Using Figure 1.1 as a guide, identify two major steps in the seven-stage model of planned change that could help explain what went wrong.  Use specific concepts from the text, and provide specific evidence from the article to support your answers.
  6. Discuss problems encountered in implementing the Brady Act. What was done to anticipate resistance?
  7. Describe principled negotiations. In your answer, include the four basic rules for negotiating fairly. Where could these principles be useful in criminal justice?

Criminal Justice Senior Seminar Midterm

  1. Correctional and parole agencies often face resistance from communities when halfway house programs are located in specific neighborhoods. Discuss possible reasons for community resistance, and discuss possible solutions, using concepts and principles from Chapter 5.
  2. What do we gain by monitoring the implementation of a program?
  3. What factors need to be considered when choosing what to measure with a monitoring system?
  4. What is meant by the term, confounding factors? Give three examples.

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