Critical Analysis of Management Theories in Workplace

Critical Analysis of Management Theories in Workplace This paper must be done in report format. This paper must include 40 academic references a mixture of journals, textbooks, website and articles.

Critical Analysis of Management Theories in Workplace
Critical Analysis of Management Theories in Workplace

Harvard referencing is a MUST.
Task 1: critically ANALYSE the impact of values, beliefs and attitudes both individually and in the workplace. DONT be descriptive! Use critical analysis How, What if, why. Reasoning: evidence, seeing it in logic, questioning and assumptions. Evaluating: strengths and weaknesses of the theories.

Critical Analysis of Management Theories in Workplace References

Reference everything: theory and critiques. Comparison of 3 organisations. E.g. Google and Admiral Car Insurance.
Task 2: identify management theories relevant to your role and critically assess its impact on your own beliefs, attitudes and values. (Please note I am a female Muslim with a disability and young family, if this helps you at all). You can change the organisation to Admiral Car insurance and Ford Motor as I have previously worked for both these organisations. 4-6 management theory. Talk about Fayol, Webber, Covey, and Mayo. What are the theories they are famous for but DONT be descriptive must use critical analysis about the theorist, talk about the RED model, Toulmins theory and CRAAP theory, Ribert Dilts model 1996. Compare the theories critically. E.g. mayo motivation theory. Which theories work well which theories don’t work so well and why include CIPD. Critically assess the impact on own beliefs, attitude and values. This paper must have an introduction Task1 Task2 and Conclusion, 40 academic references and must have critical analysis throughout the entire paper.

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