Critical Analysis of Sequence Assignment

Critical Analysis of Sequence from 'Rachel Getting Married'
Critical Analysis of Sequence from ‘Rachel Getting Married’

Critical Analysis of Sequence from ‘Rachel Getting Married’

The sequence from the movie Rachel Getting Married starts 1:06:23 where Kym argues with her mother and sequence end at 1:12:50 where Rachel finishes to wash her sister Kym at the bathroom.

Please provide a complete visual and aural , shot by shot breakdown of the specified sequence. indicate information about Lightening, Colour, Composition,
Proximity, Camera Angle, Camera Movement, POV, Planes of Action, Editing, Costume, Sound and Total Length.

And, Write, proof, and revise your paper. Some useful questions to be asking yourself throughout these stages:
A) Do I have an arguable thesis, an argument with which someone might conceivably disagree? You want that voice of dissent constantly humming in the
background of your thoughts. Otherwise you risk stating something too safe, redundant, obvious.
B) Is my thesis anchored in the specific details of my chosen sequence? That is the goal. It’s perfectly okay for your claim to be applicable to other parts
of the film, or to the film as a whole, but the claim itself must emerge from the sequence itself.
C) Am I always performing an analysis of the film, and not merely recapitulating plot?*
* As a guarantee against plot recapitulation, please include a one page summary detailing what happens in your chosen sequence, and how the sequence fits
within the film overall narrative.

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