Critical Remix Project Assignment

Critical Remix Project
Critical Remix Project

Critical Remix Project

For this assignment you will create a multimedia document using the principles of remixing. It should be part essay, part mix-tape, part image gallery, and it should make an argument/statement about a contemporary social issue (ie. Race, gender, sexuality, immigration, mental health, etc.). If you are uncertain about how to approach this assignment, please speak with your instructor.

Think of what kinds of songs, images, videos, and academic sources you might use to help express your argument.

Your document must include:

7 songs
7 single page explanations of their significance to your argument; prose, rhymes, poetry.
7 samples (quotes from academic sources that support your position; text, audio, or video).
7 images (photographs, gifs, video, drawings, graffiti)
Your materials should be arranged together, layered within your document like the different parts of a rap song. Be creative with how you layout and present your work as the overall aesthetic of your remix will be considered, along with your song/sample choices and the academic merit of your argument, in determining your grade. Be creative and make a bold, multi-faceted argument.

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