Critical Thinking problematic vagueness and ambiguity

Critical Thinking problematic vagueness and ambiguity
 Critical Thinking problematic vagueness                     and ambiguity

Critical Thinking problematic vagueness and ambiguity

Individual Exercises Pag 86
Resolve problematic vagueness and ambiguity: Each of the italicized terms in the statements below introduces a degree of troublesome vagueness. The underlined terms are ambiguous. Use qualifications, exceptions, exclusions, or stipulations to rewrite each statement with sufficient precision to resolve the problematic vagueness or ambiguity.
1. America is overeating.[Hint, people eat, countries do not.]
2. Successful people should give back.
3. “We may be living in the most peaceable era in human history.” [Hint: Pinker, S., “The Better Angels of Our Nature.”]19
4. She had the good judgment to dump the creep.
5. The tennis star had to forfeit the match due to unsportsmanlike conduct. [Hint, the thing people use to light candles?]
6. Kate Winslet was riveting in her portrayal of a desperate housewife in “Revolutionary Road.”
7. The high schools in our state are a mess. [Hint, private college prep schools too? Hint: terrible janitorial services?]
8. We do not negotiate with terrorists.
9. The measure of our greatness is our ability to change.
10. I want to live a meaningful life.
11. Every living breathing person has rights.
12. We need to talk tomorrow?
13.We never had sex.
14.I was shocked when she left.15. Usher’s lyrics move me.
16. Direct inquires to the front desk.
17. Kathleen Madigan is hysterical.
18.It’s defensive. [Hint: Soccer vs. Military vs. Psychology]
19.The crowd carried signs that said “Free Republic” Workers carried signs downtown that read “Free Health Care.”
20. In a nonviolent protest, five hundred off-duty firefighters carried signs outside the mayor’s office that read “Free Education for Low-Income Families.”

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