Critique Essay on the Play Hamlet

Critique Essay on the Play Hamlet Please read all the details before starting work and if you have any question please feel free to give me a call or shot me message. I already had really bad
experience with you guys last time and as they discuss with me I am giving you very important essay writing on this play HAMLET.

Critique Essay on the Play Hamlet
Critique Essay on the Play Hamlet

Please I need the Preliminary assignment for this essay in 2 days so I can get it approval of the direction of this essay. Need all those requirements which
are described at the bottom of this file. (Preliminary assignment instructions)
Them I need essay totally pleasurism free and have strong theses statement and have strong sources and paragraph, conclusion and great critics work . I
don’t want you to copy and paste please and make sure I can get all my work on it and please need to be in that particular play HAMLET. Don’t go out of this
play. And need what it is required down there in file.
Overview of assignment
Assignment will use what you have learned this semester about reading and responding to and analyzing literary works, as you take on one of the greatest of
literary works, Hamlet.
As you consider key questions about this play, and attempt to formulate your own answers, you will become curious as to what others think about these same
questions. That is when the research part of the assignment kicks in: you will turn to the essays in our textbook, and then will find and select articles of
literary and film criticism in other print sources or in online databases. The ideas that you get from your research will help you focus in on what you want
to write about: your research question and then your answer (thesis). Then you will be able to use quotations from critics to either support your ideas, or
to give you something to counter, if you happen to disagree with a critic’s idea. Either way can work.

Critique Essay on the Play Hamlet Basic Requirements

1275 words minimum (4-5 pages), not counting the Works Cited
a paper that presents a thesis (remember to put your thesis statement in bold) and argues for it with evidence from the play and from secondary sources
primary source: the play Hamlet (which begins on page 878 in textbook)
Secondary sources: at least three are required, of which at least one MUST be an article from an online HCC database. other sources used can be print
sources: books, scholarly journals, or the essays found in our textbook You can even use a film of Hamlet as a secondary source, if you refer specifically to
a scene in which it reflects a particular interpretation of the play that matches (or differs) from yours.
NOTE: You are NOT allowed to use general Internet sources: i.e., Wikipedia, Sparknotes, or sites found through an open Internet search. However, if you
already are using at least one online HCC database article, and you think you have found something that is a legitimate, scholarly source on the Internet, I
may let you count it as one of the three, but you will have to send me a link to it and get permission from me before counting it as one of your required
three sources.

Critique Essay on the Play Hamlet Documentation

You will need to use the MLA documentation format for your citations
You will need to include a Works Cited page in MLA format
Note: only sources which you have actually used in a direct way–that is, quoted from and cited in your paper– are eligible to be counted as sources, and
included on the Works Cited page. You may not list things you have read for background, or to get ideas, but not actually quoted/cited in your paper.
Use of quotations:
You will need to use quotations from your sources, both primary and secondary; probably 10-15 quotes would be appropriate for a paper of this length The
quotes should be introduced, and followed up in a manner that smoothly integrates your own ideas with the ideas from the secondary sources, as well as using
evidence from the play itself (i.e., I should see some quotes from the play in your paper, too) I have given you more explanation on how to use quotations in
the document, “How to use quotations in a research paper” under topic 10
Preliminary assignment instructions
Need this in 2 days till Fridays so I can get approval of what you writing will be all good and going in right direction.

Critique Essay on the Play Hamlet Required parts

1) Opening paragraph of your essay
2) Thesis statement (indicated in bold)
Note: If thesis is not included in opening paragraph, show where it will come in. For instance, if you have a question in the opening paragraph, then answer
the question as your thesis statement in the concluding paragraph, include your concluding paragraph with the thesis in bold.
3) Outline of entire paper: this does not have to be a formal outline with Roman numerals; it can be an informal outline of topic sentences for each
paragraph, but needs to have subtopics under main topics (in other words, to be developed adequately to show your flow of thinking from beginning to end);
one page (or maybe a little more) will be enough for me to get an idea of what your paper will involve; more than this and you will be verging on a draft
essay, so don’t go too long.
4) Use of one quotation from one of your secondary sources (not from the play). I need to see your lead-in sentence (to provide context), the quote with the
appropriate parenthetical citation, and a follow-up sentence or two to show how you are interpreting this quote and/or connecting it to your ideas. (See file
on “how to use quotations in a research paper” under topic 9)
5) Complete Works Cited showing your primary source (the play) and your three secondary sources (articles of criticism); if you do not have at least FOUR
listings, there is something wrong. Note: Be sure, when you write your entire paper, that you have referred to each of the sources specifically in your
paper. Otherwise, they do not count as sources. See links to help with Works Cited under topic 11.

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