Cultural differences and diversity Paper

Cultural differences and diversity
Cultural differences and diversity

Cultural differences and diversity

Cultural differences and diversity

Objective 2c: Recommend business decisions based on cultural differences and diversity

You will be select a specific country which you will use to answer questions related to the following scenario.

As the manager of an American company you have to negotiate a business deal with the representatives of a potential distributor in your assigned country. Intercultural skills are critical for a successful international experience so you consider collecting information regarding the local culture before your departure.

1. Describe the country’s culture using Hofstead’s framework and other information from CIA and Global Road Warrior data base (5 points)

2. Select 2 significant dimensions detailed in Hofstede’s framework to describe your assigned country. Provide country specific examples to support your answer. How the Hofstede cultural characteristic you identified will positively or negatively impact the negotiation process. (10 points)

3. Provide recommendations on how would you prepare and negotiate in view of the factors that you described above. (10 points)

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