Cultural Studies Research Paper Assignment

Cultural Studies
Cultural Studies

Mini Essay Word length: 1000.

• Do not use Wikipedia. You must reference and include a bibliography.

Essay question: One of the main aims of Cultural Studies is to critically interrogate ‘natural’ or ‘common sense’ ways of knowing and of being. Explain. (What does critical interrogation entail? What is its purpose? Which of the theories discussed so far can help us to unpack ‘natural’ or ‘common sense’ explanations? Illustrate your claims with examples – choose something considered ‘natural’ or ‘common sense’ and show how a Cultural Studies theory can be used to critically interrogate this explanation) You will be marked on the following criteria in this and the final essay: 1) Extent to which the essay focuses on the specific question chosen. 2)

Essay structure:
1) statement of aims in the introduction;

2) organisation of material (your argument should develop in a logical manner); conclusion.

3) Quality of analysis; substantiation of argument.

4) Identification of appropriate concepts, theorists, debates etc from lectures and set readings.

5) Appropriate referencing.

6) Correct and appropriate language, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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