Culturally Diverse Clients & Acculturative Stress

Institutional racism occurs when the policies and rules of institutions are manipulated to give preference to a dominant group and denying justice to a minority group. The cultural issues identified in Agency X according to Jerry (2019), are linked to institutional racism because they are discriminatory, oppressive and deny the people of color their right to be employed. This creates a racial bias in access to opportunities and services through the systemic policies and practices as stipulated by the underrepresentation of the people of color. Kendall (2002) points out “95% of senior jobs are occupied by male whites while in the middle management positions female whites occupy 40% compared to black women 5% and male 4%” (P.2).
Cultural awareness is acknowledging that discrimination exists and making effort to dismiss and or eliminate inequity. As a human services professional working at Agency X, cultural awareness and cross cultural service delivery will create an environment of respect, hope and dignity to members of minority group. Social Work Policy Institute (2014) elicited that, it will also create professional growth, racial justice, health equity and brings the practice of inclusive community engagement. When an institution realizes its weakness in treating people with differentness, it takes another step of inclusivity in terms of allocation of power and resources. Agency X should embrace cultural awareness to foster a cultural competent environment, where everyone will be treated equally, in terms of opportunities and power to achieve life without discrimination and mass incarceration as alluded by Tedx Talks (2013).
To become cultural allies, the management and staff of color should challenge discrimination and oppression by creating awareness on eliminating racism. Implementing measures on reducing and/or eliminating racism as well as being responsible on decisions and actions of racism against clients and staff of color.
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