Culture of HIV/AIDS in Russia Essay

Culture of HIV/AIDS in Russia
   Culture of HIV/AIDS in Russia

Culture of HIV/AIDS in Russia


Analyze the issue of HIV in Russia within the framework of the country’s cultural dynamics. Example, cultural practices, media representation, gender relationship, anything else that has to do with culture and describes how it lead to the HIV epidemic in Russia.

The Russian Federation (Russia) has the largest HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Unlike most countries, Russia’s HIV epidemic is growing, with new infections rising by between 10 and 15% each year

By mid-2017, 1.16 million people had been diagnosed with HIV in Russia. However, this does not equate to the number of people currently living with HIV as it does not account for AIDS-related deaths or people who have HIV but are undiagnosed. Although Russia has collected extensive data on HIV since 1987, official estimates for these measures remain under reported and inconsistent.

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