Culture Shock Persuasive Speech

Culture Shock Persuasive Speech Your task is to contribute to the debate where you discuss, reflect and argue on this topic.

Culture Shock Persuasive Speech
Culture Shock Persuasive Speech

Prepare a persuasive speech in order to convince your audience that your position is the right one. Remember to bring up some of the counter-arguments as well.
Is culture shock something that only leads to misunderstandings and conflicts and should be avoided or a possibility to learn new things about yourself and others?
Argue for your view on the value of culture shocks. Support your arguments with examples from the texts on culture shocks we’ve studied in class and the film Babel. You can, of course, make references to books and other films.
Write your speech with thought and careful choice of words and try to find a main thread that connects the above issues. Remember to use some of the rhetorical devices you have learned!
Pay special attention to the following:
Introduction – should be interesting and catch the audience attention
Body – should be well-structured and eloquent
Conclusion – should be clear and preferably have some kind of twist or interesting last comment

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