Male Gaze Exhibit Curator’s Essay

Male Gaze Exhibit
                 Male Gaze Exhibit

Male Gaze Exhibit Curator’s Essay

This is an art gender class, my teacher asked us to design a exhibit, the essay is to introduce my exhibit.

I am curator. the topic of my exhibit is male
gaze, the main large topic is gender.
I will give some image from my exhibit on the attachment.
This is a essay to my exhibit,
a) the focus,
b) the purpose,
c) the anticipated audience, and
d) your anticipated impact on audience.

a) the focus is to the topic of my exhibit is Male gaze, you should introduced what is the male gaze from the reading I give to you. and i think the male
gaze is very popular in the advertisement and magazine (that is why I choose the topic is male gaze), please talk more detail about the male gaze.

b) the purpose is When you plan an exhibit is male gaze, there should be an intention. What do you want the audience to “take away” from the exhibit? What
are you trying to communicate in the exhibition? talk more.

c) the anticipated audience, you must say the most audience is male, and You also must have the audience be female in order to have them realize how women are depicted in advertising, for example. Or maybe your audience is young people of both genders. You pick your audience, but be intentional about WHY and explain in the statement.

d)your anticipated impact on audience. from the (c), what impact will on the audience from my anticipated. the essay must answer the Four part I give to you,must.

IMPORTANT: Whatever you choose to focus on, gender and male gaze should be the underlying issue that is addressed in the content of statement.

You must reference/refer to one source of each readings on the attachment(total sources are two).
ALL the sources should from MY READING, don’t use from online.
Please make certain to include a reference list, title, etc. as you would with any other paper.

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