Curriculum development;Math Term Paper

Curriculum development
Curriculum development

Curriculum development

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a literature and Internet search for information about curriculum development and change in your content area of interest(math). Create a timeline that includes at least eight events that shaped curriculum development from a historical perspective in your selected content area. Write 100- to 200-words describing the importance of each event. Include an APA-formatted reference page


The curriculum development was shaped by the use of convectional approach that emphasized on the notion that entailed usage of mathematical ideas, and techniques that could aid in solving problems in an easier way. Despite all this, there was the need of tutor to give guidance where required. This method was an advancement from the pedagogical consideration that was earlier used.

Classical education was known to shape the future of curriculum in mathematics field due to the fact that it encouraged use of deductive reasoning mainly the paradigm teaching in days before. Rote learning was a new advancement in the curriculum where one could repeat what has been taught or even memorize it at his own free time (Scholarstic, 2014). Rote learning was initially known to be the multiple tables and formulas used in the math’s field. The new rote learning was now supported by mathematical reasoning to find solutions to problems.

Exercisers was a new method enforced for learners to understand learning skills better. Problem solving was an event that shaped the curriculum where math’s ingenuity was solved through setting students to be open-ended in tackling them. The student’s prior understanding is more build through the use of math’s problem solving technique.

The new math changed the curriculum following that it encouraged the use of set theories in solving problems, a method known to have been introduced by Tom Lehrer’s. In older days, learners were up to getting the right answer until when new math technique was introduced as it aimed at ensuring that a person’s knows what he is doing rather than getting the right answer. There was the use of conventional approach used in math’s solving problems. Relational approach was used in the curriculum and it advocated for usage of class topics in problem solving. Unlike before, this method enlightens students to apply math to real live happenings outside classroom work as events take place on a daily basis. The standards-based approach was more concerned on helping students to understand ideas and procedures whereby, it was most applied to college students. Unlike before where this method was not formalized, it was now made formal by the national council of all math’s teachers in the whole of United Kingdom (Scholarstic, 2014). This is to show that curriculum in mathematics has well been shaped to date.


Scholarstic. (2014). Subject Leader Guide for Maths – Key Stage 1 – 3 (National Curriculum Handbook). Scholastic Press

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