Cyber security Threats at the Local Government Level

Cyber security Threats at the Local Government Level “Cybersecurity threats are at our doorstep, especially being at the local government level. We are on the frontlines of the war against threats such as hackers and other third-party actors, who have the potential to do us immense harm if we are not careful.

Cyber security Threats at the Local Government Level
Cyber security Threats at the Local Government Level

Due to increased hacking attempts against our Service Request System, we have had to rush to implement a two-factor authentication policy in order to give access to online services.

While some of you may recognize this as inconvenient, or have heard the complaints from your constituents, it is important that these policies be implemented. New cybersecurity policies are never easy to implement, but ultimately, it will benefit users and data information owners alike. Two-factor authentication is ensuring that users verify their identity before they access government services. Some services use hardware keys, while others use software keys ((Etienne, 2019). We have required a registration form which has a specific login, and have tied a personal PIN code to be sent to a user’s cell phone when they try to log on.

Cyber security Threats at the Local Government Level

It is important to verify an individual’s identity before they access valuable government systems with data. Would you want a complete stranger having access to your personal information? While this may seem like an initial invasion of privacy, it is not the goal of the government to act solely to collect data on its local population. Rather, this is more for the benefit of both the government and the people, ensuring free access to local services while ensuring that only members from the local population use these services.

We will not suspend implementation of the new policy for 90 days to allow for members of the public to comment on the new policy. Public comments are important, but cybersecurity threats are more critical at this time due to repeating hacking attempts on the Service Request System. Therefore, we cannot allow our defenses to be down, as this would affect more people’s personal information if the hacker (s) are successful in breaching our system.

Therefore, we must continue to use the two-factor authentication system. This will ensure that we will have the best available cybersecurity defenses. Even organizations such as Apple are utilizing this kind of authentication, (Campbell, 2019) ensuring the best cybersecurity defenses possible. This is also the potential future for patient medical records, which are also considered very valuable and personal private information (Puranik, 2019). It is the role of local government to keep your personal information safe from those who wish to do harm, and this system is the best way that the government can do this.”

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