Dante’s Inferno Essay Paper Assignment

Dante's Inferno
Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno chapters XI-XIV, XXVI, XXIX-XXXIV

Read Dante Inferno, chapters XI-XIV, XXVI, XXIX-XXXIV [11-14, 26, 29-34]
Answer these question
1. Do you have sympathy for Francesca?
2. Do you think the various punishments fit the various sins of incontinence?
3.Why do you think violent sinners are punished in boiling blood?
4.What is significant about the forest of suicide?
5.Are you sympathetic to Odysseus?
6. Do you think his punishment fits his “crime”?
7. Why is the center of hell frozen?
8.What is the significance of cannibalism?
9.What was your response to the story of Count Ugolino?

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