Dealing with the Latter Part of the Lifespan

Dealing with the Latter Part of the Lifespan There are two purposes for this assignment. One purpose is to help you begin to think critically about the information presented for publication.

Dealing with the Latter Part of the Lifespan
Dealing with the Latter Part of the Lifespan

The other the purpose is to offer you the opportunity to pursue topics of particular personal interest.
The second abstract will be on an article dealing with the latter part of the lifespan. An article on adolescence may apply to either one.
The abstract should be typewritten in 14 point font and double-spaced. It should include a cover sheet, the report itself, and the article itself or a copy
of the article. Be sure to document any outside sources used, including the textbook, internet, or any other material used, in the standard format. If you
are unsure how to document your sources, refer to the link under the Lessons Tab on Angel on citing sources.
Both of your article abstracts should include all of the elements listed below:

1. Overview Dealing with the Latter Part of the Lifespan

Briefly summarize the main idea(s) covered in the article, including the main points and the article’s conclusions. This section should also
include a description of the source of the article as well as the intended audience. This section should be no more than ¼ of your paper.
2. Research Analysis – What method(s) of data collection did the author use to gather data used in the article? How was this data gathered? And what else can
you determine the research methodology presented in this article?

3. Supporting (or Refuting) Source Dealing with the Latter Part of the Lifespan

Find at least one objective source which either refutes or supports the main premise of the article. Describe this
information and explain how this perspective either supports or contradicts the information in your article. Be sure to document this source.
4. Validity – Examine your article for examples of bias, anecdotal information, faulty reasoning, hidden agendas, or questionable research practices.
Describe and give direct quotes to support your assertions.
5. New Terms/Concepts – List at least three terms or concepts mentioned in your article which were new to you. The list, define and describe them, including how they were used in the article.
6. Analysis – What is your overall opinion of this article? Evaluate the article and defend your opinion, whether positive or negative. How would you improve or change this article? And would you recommend it to others to read? Who? And why?
Keep in mind that assignments are due on or before the dates above. Grades will be lowered by 10 points per day late.

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