Death of a Salesman-Producer Essay

Death of a Salesman
Death of a Salesman

The essay topic is death of a salesman which is a famous show you could find it online, here is a link“. And our group play from the beginning until that in page 9

Linda;” Go down, try it. and be quiet.” Our group only had 5 people, so only 2 actors play Linda and Willy.
General: The purpose of this exercise/project is to gain awareness of the collaborative nature of theatre and to further understand the nature of individual contributions to that process.

  • What does it take to get a play from page to stage?
  • What happens when a production concept is realized?
  • What are the various roles necessary for a performance to be produced?
  • What are the problems to be overcome?


You are ultimately responsible for the play possibilities and make final decisions if the group is divided. You make decisions about the type of production and production values (scale and expense of the show). Decide who the audience will be. You cast the show in consultation with the director. (Describe the kind of actors you will need; you can refer to known actors if you want.) Decide what the special requirements of the show will be. Decide how to get it funded. Make sure that your decisions about scale and complexity are appropriate for the budget. Create a basic budget. You will need to investigate some local theatre companies as part of your research. (See chapters 2 & 5 in the text.) All of the above will be based on the whole play.

Call the group together, organize work sessions and present the final written report. Individuals will be responsible for writing their separate parts; you will see that it gets bound together and turned in.

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