Dell Strategic Analysis Report Assignment

Dell Strategic Analysis Report
Dell Strategic Analysis Report

Dell Strategic Analysis Report

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1- I have read the case study, and did the analysis (you will see my findings under the attached document called “Strategic Audit Format DELL”. Please use my findings to write the report.

2- Please use the attached word document called “Dell Strategic Analysis Report” to write the REPORT, when you open this document, you will see what are the exact requirements highlighted in yellow.



Michael Dell is the founder of Dell Inc. and this was done Austin, Texas in 1984 whereby, he had an unparalleled thought concerning the organization. Dell needed to offer PC frameworks to clients specifically by conveying the most solid registering answers to address individual issues at the obliged time with no mistake to their clients overall. Dell is a company that is majorly based in the US which does the business of selling hardware and other services that is spread all over the world. The Dell Company specializes in the production of computer systems for example, various software’s, hardware, mobile devices for networking and other electronics. The Dell Company does not only sell its products to personal consumers, but also sell its product to the institutions like the government, healthcare institutions and eve to the education sectors (Theobald, 2010). Through its very many segments, it gives its customers a wide spectrum of solutions as far as their services are concerned so that it can widen its scope of distributions to global markets. Some of the solutions that it gives to its customers range from a series of configured IT and even networking and storage of the products through embracing infrastructure technology that is done through consultation and applications. For the dell company to carry out its business effectively, it must develop a well framed business strategies and plans.

Dell is an organization that conveyed change to its immediate model of offering and in the year 2007, the organization wound up making the first stride towards a worldwide retail methodology. This method involved taking off issues by including retail as a new channel and growing its administration offering to fulfill its clients and fulfilled. Dell began to offer its two models of PCs at more than 3500 stores of Wal-Mart in United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. In 2003, the administration of Dell chose to change the name of organization from Dell Computer Corporation to Dell Inc. This was finished to the point of perceiving the quickly expanding expansive product offering offered by the Organization. Keeping in mind the end goal to lessen the general cost that it used to bring about, the organization reported to offer most or every last bit of its assembling offices inside 18 months. This was until January 31, 2007, Kevin Rollins leaves because of the poor monetary execution and negative NEWS scope of the organization that prompted the arrival of Michael Dell as the CEO of the organization.

About the industry

The PC industry is mainly dominated by big players such as Microsoft, Apple, HP, IBM, Samsung, among others. In 2007, Dell was taken over by HP in terms of the market share and the condition has remained the same to date. Currently, Apple is the largest technology company due to the size of their shares and their huge sales in various places in the world. The Launch of the Windows 3.0 changes the computer market industry in favor of Microsoft such that some players were locked out of business. The launch of smartphones has destabilized the market forces in the PC industry, since such phones have almost similar capabilities like the PC.

Company Background

Dell is an organization that works comparable with Microsoft windows that changed plan of action and elements of the business. Dell is dated to be one of the biggest innovation organizations of the world regarding aggregate estimation of its impacts that are so colossal and alarming to numerous financial specialists who are intending to venture in a PC based business. The organization’s Netscape gave the first open to all online worlds Browser, which was of incredible utilization of a large number of the individuals who are keen on its operations all inclusive (Dell, 2015). Dell is an organization that drove the business sector until Microsoft entered the business sector with Internet Explorer that brought any changes into the technological world. In the year 2007, HP took the first opening as far as a piece of the overall industry from Dell. Notwithstanding, the dispatch of Window 3.0 in 1990 and Windows 3.0 changed the plan of action of the Dell business to the Microsoft’s Advantage over Apple, IBM, Atari and many different frameworks. This was so much felt yet because of the way that clients weren’t bolted into one seller’s item things were conceivable and well operational. The dispatch of the iPhone acquired Genuine made changes the cell phone industry and was the first notion of versatile that could in the long run destabilize the PC area of DELL Company. It never took so long that the organization chose to present iPad that later denoted the start of the end of the PC business, which had been a huge business foundation of the Dell organization. Dell is an organization that has contenders like Apple II that was framed in the year 1977and IBM PC that was shaped in 1981. They have all been attempting to try their hardest and coach clients in the business sector in their procedure of contending to be the best. There has been high upgrades made on the nature of generation as this is the key part that will help DELL as an organization to hold its old clients and get new ones in the business.

The organization encountered a VR “Virtual Reality” Announcement by Microsoft in 2015 in blend with the “visualization Glasses”. Different organizations, for example, Samsung Oculus and velvet are said to have experienced the same Virtual Reality declaration by Microsoft that served to hone their abilities the way it accomplished for DELL. The VR Innovation that is utilized for utilization by Dell is going to lead the world and a decent substitution to numerous different gadgets that are exceptionally required and needed in the figuring business.

Past Problems in DELL

Dell is an organization that was confronted by issues in the past and they incorporate the Poor monetary conditions all through the world and the end of web air pocket that meddled with its operations. For as far back as 10 years, a great piece of the Personal PCs (PC) deals were for tablets and PCs in the $799-$999 territory. If the organization utilizes a PC or Laptop 20% of the time, the most astounding value they need to pay is $599 and this was recorded to be too low as they thought things could be on their side. In 2002, the general interest for the PC frameworks and administrations declined on account of the world monetary shortcoming. This turned into an extraordinary test for the DELL Company to manage as it couldn’t make to deal its items to its clients and achieve its objective according to its arrangements. There was the ascent of minimal effort equipment PC makers in China and numerous individuals because of the falling economy needed to get the modest equipment’s so they redirected their regard for purchase them in China. This turned into a downside to the organization that wound up losing the greater part of its clients because of the failing economy. Regardless of purchasing the PC equipment’s in China, they also understood that they were not up to the norms that they wanted and couldn’t help make quality PCs as needed by their clients along these lines they lost numerous clients to their rival Apple who was currently best in quality generation of items. Numerous clients who were in the wake of getting a quality items occupied their business with DELL and went to Apple. Dell stood up to a test due to the rapidly changing advancement that it was not used to. It fails to handle the conformities in development in the blessed time in this way, its opponents had an unassuming time of telling in the business division. The failure of getting a handle on the changing advancement in incredible time made Dell to be directly in its operation while customer required now to buy extraordinary online and they were without further ado urged to oversee Apple who had used the usage of the new development on a helpful reason. The Increasing Unit Sales and Volume however Sales salary kept decreasing as a result of contention in the perspective of esteeming. This provoked DELL not making incredible arrangement as a result of the high expenses top it put in its stock. Customers fled away as a result of the high expenses that they stood up to in DELL. Customization of Desktop “Less extravagant Price” was another test that DELL expected to face. This is because, the association now had low arrangements that couldn’t entirety to the hungered for formal level as it expected to hold its customers appropriately encountered an adversity. New associations that created were a danger in view of the fulfillment felt by Dell. These associations were arranged in – Chinese, Korean republics and in the United States of America. There was Slowed enthusiasm for the ranges of the association in view of the nonappearance of enough supports to finish the procedure. The PC business felt some shivering issue due to reality that development had not been handled, especially in DELL and this incited directed examination that made it to fall behind. In spite of their being numerous issues previously, the organization is as of now encountering some different issues that are as an aftereffect of the quickly changing industry drifts that are felt in the PC business. In the late the DELL’s PC business slammed in the first quarter of 2013 with the new PC shipments falling 14% contrasted and the same period a year ago (Dedrick, 2008). This has been as an aftereffect of the organizations that give best PC because of innovation that is utilized in their premises. They have utilized individuals with best brains who can help in changing the world with the innovation that they have within their reach.

There is another challenge that is being confronted by DELL Company in the later. This issue is presently connected with the way that PC Users now have significantly more decision than anytime recently, which influence what they purchase and they can choose to purchase cell phones or even iPads, tablets that perform comparative parts with PC’s. Notwithstanding this, they can secure them frame other reason at a less expensive cost as they are delivered by numerous organizations like Samsung, Apple among others. Dell is encountering a huge test that is connected with Industry Convergence and Domination of Larger Players who have now commanded the business sector. A portion of the enormous player in the PC’s business who have commanded the business are similar to Apple who are currently extremely overwhelm because of the fat that they give the best of items needed by their clients because of their brilliant and practical measures that given the offer of the organization’s items. Another test that is confronted by DELL is the way that most PC creators do little item advancement all alone. This has driven the organization to depend for the most part on their suppliers for item advancement, and on Microsoft and Intel for new advances that they will use in their creation. All things considered individuals have discovered they can do as much as 80% on a tablet that they used to do on a PC and they have turned structure, acquiring PC’s to the purchasing of tablets that are not delivered by DELL. This implies that they need to make low expenses as they don’t create tablets, which are presently needed by customers in the business. Because of the issues of advances and also advancement propelling consistently, the PC business has now been made fiercer and DELL as Company is feeling this extraordinary effect; since it doesn’t grasp innovation with its moving pace. This implies that a long time from now risks are there will be a couple of PCs at home. Furthermore, DELL is very tested with this exploration discoveries. Around then individuals will be wearing PCs (embedded) for instance, in eyeglasses and this will imply that if DELL does not change its line of creation it may endure enormous misfortunes. Exploration demonstrates that Future is anticipated that individuals will like a wearable PC or gadgets like savvy, Google glasses, VR and numerous more items, which are not made by DELL Company accordingly, an enormous test for them. This is an unmistakable sign to the organization that it’s truly experiencing a genuine test that if the right measures are not imparted set up it will have high issue. Hence, the administration of the organization ought to wake up and gaze grasping new changes in the innovative world at the earliest opportunity.

Company’s Vision & Mission

Dell is an organization whose vision is to be the best in matters to do with data innovation Systems that must be utilized in the Company on a worldwide level by conveying the best client involvement in all business sectors they serve (Burns, 2011). The mission of the organization is to be much focused and try their hardest to inspire their clients who are exceptionally needing their backing.

Company’s Goals and Objectives

Dell Inc. As of late set an objective for the year 2020, known as legacy of good, which is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity and also intended to build up a maintainable planet in the whole environment. Dell Inc. has a set goal, which is to give great quality support of its client at the least cost conceivable. Dell has done a few Improvements in client productivity that will help avow its goals that it cravings to work with (Dell, 2015).

Company’s Structure

The structure of the company is based under three strategies that it has employed for use in its premises. These strategies are inclusive of the corporate strategy, business strategy that works hand in hand with the human resource department to ensure that all functionality of the company are in the right place. The third strategy that is employed for use is the functional strategy that ensures that all the functions of the company are well done according to all the plans that were set aside and ensures that all the workers in the company are given all the desired privileges together with being encouraged to worked harder to the success of the company. The company has structured their products in a desire way that really impresses the customers by ensuring that they simplify their products and services in accordance to the desires of their customers who will be more impressed if they obtain what they want. DELL Inc. The structure is in a way that impresses their customers and this enables them to be in a better position of even attaining more customers. The structure ensures that the company has a good management from top managers up to the lowest mangers and that they carry out their duties accordingly. This ensures that the industry gives a win with industry-leading end-user computing solutions that enhance the scale of alternative computing solutions.

Company’s Range of Products

Dell center business level technique is easiest method; the organization is themed to lead the business by promoting the pattern of minimal effort and lean assembling. Dell’s online form to request and Just in Time stock framework is a reasonable evidence that dell seeks after Low Cost Strategy as its Business Level system. Dell likewise seeks after Differentiation method, its aggregate customization alternative and building your own PC is an exceptional idea which no other Computer maker takes after. The main product of this company is personal computers.

Computer Platform

The significant highlight of the practical level procedure of Dell is that the organization concentrates on utilizing its solid abilities as a part of direct deals, minimal effort assembling, store network administration capacities so as to build the classification of its items through which the organization can convey increased the value of its purchasers at lower cost. Utilize the focused abilities of organization in servers and PCs to seek after chances of income development. Dissimilar to the contenders that take over the customary model of worth chain, Dell does not keep up in-house supply of completed product inventories.

Corporate structure/culture

The Current corporate structure includes groups and group administrators who report specifically to senior directors or venture supervisors. The hierarchical structure is level and power is assigned to representatives. Administration in Dell has confidence in engaging its workers, Dell has some essential rules and winning with respectability is a piece of it, it makes Dell’s way of life aggressive. Dell’s way of life is developmentally focused; it is intended to incite advancement and innovation in representatives.

SWOT analysis

Strengths of the Dell Company may include the following market leadership, direct sales strategies, price on the basis of performance, most updated technology and many other more.

Weaknesses include over reliance on the institutional and corporate sales, non-acceptability in the retail sectors. Lack of technology in the company is a weakness that brings operations down. Production of one product of the company is a weakness as people need a range of products that they can be able to choose from.

Opportunities: markets that are unexploited enhanced usage of the internet that results in increased demand for the laptops and even technological modernization.  The Partnerships that are evident with local manufacturers in researching the market insight and the Favorable situation that come as a result, in safeguarding the green field investments is a strength to Dell Company. The exchange rate is to the advantage of the company, together with low labor costs and tax rates that they are now experiencing.

Threats may include: impulsive trends in the market places, a financial crisis that is a great challenge to the whole world and the price wars. There are high sanctions that have been experienced by the company and they have resulted in high weakness in the company. There are restrictions that deny the multinational companies like Dell to be able to move their profits to certain percentage and this becomes a weakness.

Societal Environment Analysis (Pest Tool)

Political factors: various aspects of the politics have great impacts almost in all parts of the world. They may range from the government directives and even the institutional policies. In the case of the Dell Company there is one big threat of politics or the legal environment this is mainly seen as a threat because political factors involve government regulations that define terms and conditions that any business must operate within. Therefore, it is very important to consider this factor since many countries are still restrained by some of these policies which are put to defend domestic manufacturers and producers.

The economic environment may include the nature of the economy in which various companies compete. Some of these economic factors are like company directives, restrictions that are put in the budgets and even the income generation measures of the organization. The main challenge for the Dell Company as far as the economic environment is concerned is the degree of piracy.

Social factors which include the culture of the society and in some cases it may include attitude and the values, especially the change in the lifestyle of the people, change in the consumption patterns, attitude towards work and even to some great extent in the education and health. These external social factors may affect the way the company provides solution to the problems so that they can meet the demands of the customers since customers can decide to work with one vendor that serves all their interests. The major social factors are inclusive of the increased global target audience, effects of the brand name that may or may not be liked by the customers. Other factors are inclusive of the literacy rates of a region and the factor that determines how a customer finds an easier way of shopping online to save time and money.

Technological issues: the most important technology issue for the computer industries is the speed and the rate of adoption of the newly introduced technology that can greatly affect the effectiveness of the organization. There are factors that influence the technology that is supposed to be used in the industry and they are inclusive of; the ease of access to new technology, decline in technology cost and the global production factor all aimed at enhancing the functionality of the new technology.

Industry Environment Analysis (Five Forces)

The most important tool that can be selected as a way to be used to analyze the situation of the company as far as control recline is concerned is the porter’s five forces model. This is mainly because it helps the company to understand its strong points against its competitors in the market places. According to this model, competition in the industry can be as a result of five forces that are combined together for example the competition, rivalry within the organization, possible entry of new competitors in the market, possible growth of the alternative products, and bargaining powers of both the suppliers and the customers. For the rivalry against its existing competitors, there are many players like the Toshiba, HP, Gateway and many other companies that offer cost and competitive benefits. Threats of new entrance into the market: Dell Company has the obligation to do better so that they can beat their competition through producing using the most recent technology and then put their prices in a way that they will compete favorably. The bargaining power of the buyers: for many computer industries, customer bargaining power has been very soaring this is mainly because of the very little reliability of the brand in the market places and also due to the products of many producers look like. The bargaining power of the suppliers: because of the fact that there are very few vendors who are capable of supplying the major components of the computer, the bargaining power of the trader in the computer industry has also elevated.

The availability of substitute products in the market places has greatly impacted on the sale and productivity of the computer elements. They have the oligopoly kind of the market structure since most of the producers of the computer parts produce similar products.

Internal environment

Corporate management and management team

Dell is a company that is majorly based in the US which does the business of selling hardware and other services that is spread all over the world. Dell Company specializes in the production of computer systems for example various software’s, hardware mobile devices for networking and other electronics. Dell Company does not only sell its products to personal consumers, but also sell its product to the institutions like the government, healthcare institutions and even to the education sectors.

Corporate culture

Through its very many segments, Dell Company gives its customers a wide spectrum of solutions as far as their services are concerned so that it can widen its scope of distributions to global markets. Some of the solutions that it gives to its customers range from a series of configured IT and even networking and storage of the products through embracing infrastructure technology that is done through consultation and applications. For the dell company to carry out its business effectively, it must develop a well framed business strategies and plans.

TOWS Analysis outcomes TOWS analysis outcomes

Basically, TOWS has been just SWOT which is spelled from behind if we are keen to observe and SWOT is an acronym of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The results of the SWOT analysis can be represented in a matrix which contains the Strengths and Weaknesses as the internal pieces intersecting with Opportunities and Threats as the external factors. Appendix A shows a representation of TOWS analysis outcomes. ST (strengths-Threats) considers making use of the internal strengths in order to run away from the external threats. An example is when the company faces a threat of its funds decreasing at an alarming rate; the company will be posed to a challenge of finding other methods of obtaining funds like making use of volunteer management software so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness (Burns, P. 2011)

WT (Weakness-Threats) which is a defensive position in the matrix and functions to try and avoid threats while minimizing on weaknesses and is considered most of the time when the organization in question is in a really bad position. For instance, the company may be facing the threat of losing funds and the company reacts by merging some of its programs with other organizations to save on resources and wait until its funding becomes stable.

External Factors Analysis Summary

The external factors analysis summary illustrates an automated version of organizing external factors in terms of both threats and opportunities and looking at how an organization makes response to these factors basing their arguments on the importance of each of the two factors. In this case, the sum of the weight is not supposed to go beyond the weight give to each factor, that is, 1.00 is the most important factor while 0.0 is not important. Moreover, a rate is assigned to each factor whereby 5 stands for outstanding and 0 is poor. The weighed score is calculated by finding the product of weight and rate of each factor.

Internal Factor Analysis Summary

The internal factor analysis summary consists of a spreadsheet provision that is relatively easy to use in an attempt to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in a particular organization. Once again, the rate and weight are used in the analysis. In this case, the total sum of weight must not be more than the weight of each factor as given in the summary and 1.00 weights refer to the most important factor while 0.0 factors are not important. When a rate of 5 is assigned to a factor, the factor is outstanding while that which is assigned 1 is a poor factor. Nevertheless, the weighted score is calculated by obtaining the product of weight and rate of each factors.

TOWS analysis: Strategic factors analysis summary

Strategic factor analysis illustrates a combination of some of the most essential factors of both the internal factor analysis summary and external factor analysis summary. This strategic factor analysis also outlines an overall outlook of an organization based on its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The rate, which implies how well an organization responds to the factors, and also the weight which stands for the importance of the factor are some of the issues that are taken into account. Weight for each factor is assigned whereby 1.00 is very important while 0.0 is not an important factor. Nevertheless, all weights must total to 1.00. A rate of 5 to a factor is considered as outstanding while that of 0 is considered to be poor. The letter X is typed to each factor to imply the significant amount of time each factor will take. The weighted score is established by finding the product.

TOWS matrix and strategic alternative summary

The TOWS matrix is helpful when it comes to visualization of the analysis whereas it is very vital to understand how the elements of the matrix work together for positive results. When any particular company or organization manages to match the internal strengths to external opportunities, it gets the advantage of increasing its competency towards its customers.

SO (Strengths-Opportunities): This implies using the internal strengths to maximize on opportunities available for instance spending more time and focus on writing grant proposals if there is a lot of grant money availed.

WO (Weakness-Opportunities) which implies an improvement of the internal weaknesses by utilizing the external opportunities available. For instance, if there are lots of grant monies available and the company does not have grant proposal writers, the company may consider hiring or employing an expert or consultant, or better still send an employee for training on grant proposal writing.

ST (strengths-Threats) considers making use of the internal strengths in order to run away from the external threats. An example is when the company faces a threat of its funds decreasing at an alarming rate; the company will be posed to a challenge of finding other methods of obtaining funds like making use of volunteer management software so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

WT (Weakness-Threats) which is a defensive position in the matrix and functions to try and avoid threats while minimizing on weaknesses and is considered most of the time when the organization in question is in a really bad position. For instance, the company may be facing the threat of losing funds and the company reacts by merging some of its programs with other organizations to save on resources and wait until its funding becomes stable.


 Review of the mission and vision

The company should review their IT system manufacturing in order to enhance automation of their services. The implementation of IT in their operations will see the realization of low cost production and a subsequent increase in profits realized by businesses.

 Review of the goals and objectives

The company should review that goals and their objectives and make them be in tandem with the lowest possible costs as they strive to enter the untapped computer market and increase their productivity. Provision of good quality goods and services to the customers and offering cheap computers should form part of the company goals. The overall objective of all these goals should be focused at improving the market share of the computer market and to improve on their productivity.

Strategic Alternatives (Corporate, Business, Functional)

In order to ensure a brighter future with fewer uncertainties, the company must begin to diversify their portfolio and opt for vertical integration in their business operations. Focusing on one product alone is risky business since the business can be struck by unforeseen circumstances.

Corporate Strategy

In terms of corporate strategy, the company should focus on internationalization of their products in order to reach untapped market.

Business Strategy

In terms of business strategy, the company should focus on implementing proper structure of business operations to enhance their overall presence in the computer industry. Moreover, the company should develop their business competency to enhance their competitive advantage as they strive to increase their market presence and to gain a big market share.

Functional Strategy

The company should capitalize on the latest advances in technology and streamline their operations in line with Information Technology to improve on their efficiency and reduce operational costs. Another functional strategy that the company should consider is to expand their operations into new markets in order to increase their sales and their overall revenues. Since the production costs at the company are still relatively high, a cutting costs strategy needs to be implemented by implementing a costs effective value chain in the organization.

Strategy Implementation

For Dell to move forward, the company needs to come up with the strategy information across the organization that will increase overall business performance. Another form of strategy implementation is that the company should withdraw from some of the activities that can perform well at lower costs in the value chain in order to maximize their profits. This is because such activities are very expensive and would make the company avoid expensive costs related to the cost of production. The management at Dell should ensure that the critical and core competency issues are kept in house with the aim of ensuring that the company moves forward. Since the company is determined to make profits, the company should explore the alternatives of selling their products through retail outlets and devise a plant to reward sales people on direct commission. This will ensure that the sales people work hard to meet their target and the company stands to benefit through increasing their sales. Moreover, the company should focus on high revenues and market share by putting more focus on the product development and market development.

Keeping in mind the end goal to improve their game changer, the organization ought to proceed with their internationalization arranges and guarantee that their organization works in all sides of the globe. This can successfully be accomplished by securing nearby and promising PC organizations. Moreover, the organization ought to move to a bio-comparable business to help in items broadening to enhance the general danger of overreliance in one item. The organization can likewise change their assembling areas to empower them diminish expenses and make more benefits. Because of headway in innovation, Dell ought to exploit online stages to enhance their corporate distinguish by dispatching forceful showcasing in the online stages.

The organization needs to search for little however encouraging PC organizations and converge with them so as to avoid future rivalry and grow their regions. The assembling focuses likewise need to be moved into territories with shabby assembling expenses to diminish the organization operations and build their general benefit. The organization ought to likewise contract their advertising methodologies and to build their center to the individuals who need PCs. Dell has kept up their emphasis on the business with the point of turning into the business sector pioneer. The organization has enormously put resources into HR to empower advancement and imagination required in the association. Furthermore, the organization likewise has a key center that is gone for using the assets in zones with most extreme effect to the association and their clients. The organization has likewise profited the physical assets, for example, the hardware, offices, and account to backing their operations without diversions. The organization has additionally been fruitful in gaining and keeping clients through their quality items and corporate brand substance.

            Strategic Evaluations and Control Standards

Dell should focus on their future strategy to enable them know exactly what they are looking for as part of their future strategy. In this regard, the company should decide on what they are looking for to measure the things that is likely critical to their business model. Dell also needs to put specific business performance measures that are established on the expected performance and actual performance. Constant evaluations must be carried out to ensure maximum control of the specific business performance with the aim of improving on the company operations. In the case where the company performance measures that fails to meet the company objectives, the management at dell should come up with specific correction strategies that are directed to areas with shortcomings. Moreover, the company should look towards further improving on its performance with their aim of becoming the market leader in the computers market. In this regard, the management at Dell should ensure that they work hard in the three forms of organizational controls such as operational control, strategic control, and management control.


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