Dental Product Report on Teeth Cleaning

Dental Product Report on Teeth Cleaning If a patient cannot clean his own teeth, no dentist can do it for him.
Sackett defines Critical Thinking as “Purposeful, self-regulatory judgment which results in interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and inference, as well as explanation of the evidential, conceptual, methodological, or contextual considerations
upon which judgment is based.”

Dental Product Report on Teeth Cleaning
Dental Product Report on Teeth Cleaning

Critical thinking skills development includes reflection on one’s own work. This assignment aims to provide opportunities for
demonstrating developing critical thinking skill sets.

Overall General Goals of Dental Product Report on Teeth Cleaning Assignment


this are to:
1) Apply concepts from EBDH to thoroughly investigate the merits of a dental product
2) Summarize analysis of selected evidence retrieved from scholarly dental literature
3) Make a recommendation to your peers about a given dental product
Special Notice: Students should review the rubric for assessment prior to beginning the project because strict adherence to the rubric
will be the basis of the evaluation by faculty and should be used as a guideline for the peer evaluation. REMEMBER: You are writing
this submission to your peers. As such you should use your best professional writing skills since this assignment is NOT intended for
Dental Product Report: Final Draft Due Monday November 19th by 5 PM.
Students will be assigned a dental product or auxiliary aid.
Specific Objectives of the assignment and (content that MUST be included in the report) are to:
1) Complete a PICO worksheet for the product and conduct a search.
a. Complete the entire worksheet
b. Upload it to BB for the assignment
NOTE: Students may submit the PICO for formative feedback (no grade) to under the dental product
assignment icon in BlackBoard “Due Sept 10th 3PM
2) Database utilization for information retrieval: 2 databases must be included
a. Go to the TRIP database and conduct a basic search
i. Fill in the PICO tab to determine whether or not your PICO results in useful hits
ii. Rephrase PICO as needed
iii. Identify level of the evidence found (consider hierarchical evidence pyramid) and consider
usefulness in completing this assignment overall. Select those articles/sources most useful.
iv. Screenshot your results and attach them to the documents you turn in for grades
b. Mandatory: Students MUST go to PubMed and using keywords from successful searching in Trip or
1findr conduct another search
i. Once you have found useful peer-reviewed evidence, screenshot the PubMed page showing
useful hits.
ii. Students will attach the search history from PubMed to the assignment uploaded into BB
2) Search manufacturer’s website and general google searching from other reliable sources to explain
rationale for product’s use and how to effectively use the assigned dental product.
3) Description of the product: Include in your description the important features/active ingredients and
explain process/ importance /effectiveness of special features/active ingredients in the product,
4) From the manufacturer’s website, describe the manufacturer’s claims about the product (provide
pictures of advertisements if available) NOTE: The evidence selected (7 a-e below) MUST be DIRECTLY
related to the claims provided by the manufacturer.
EXAMPLE: If the claim is that it reduces caries, then the evidence (journal articles) selected
should be ONLY those that address caries reduction effectiveness and safety
OR if the claim is that it whitens teeth, the selected evidence should be focused on the whitening
properties, effectiveness & safety of the product
H316 Preventive I: Dental Product Report Instructions Fall
NOTE: Students may submit for formative feedback only the optional AMA style list of citations.
5) Purchase Locations: identify at least 3 places where the product may be purchased (2 local and 1 online
providing local and internet web addresses).
6) Provide price-points for each location identified
7) Analysis of Evidence:
a. For each source, you should follow suggestions from the DISCERN model template (see BB) and
write a summary paragraph explaining the usefulness of EACH of the sources (reliability/validity).
b. In addition, provide detailed analysis of the evidence by critically reviewing the empirical evidence for the dental product by completing ALL (1-6) of the following:
(NOTE: This will be the largest section of your dental product report! DO NOT CUT AND PASTE
THE ABSTRACT- You must describe the evidence in YOUR OWN WORDS)

Dental Product Report on Teeth Cleaning Assignment Instructions

1. In thinking about the EB pyramid, what level of evidence was found? Clinical practice
guideline/ Meta analysis systematic review/ systematic reviews/ RCT, etc. Identify the
level of evidence for each source you have selected to include in your assignment.
a) answer the question, “Is there a systematic review about your specific product or for a
similar or generic product that has the active ingredient/key feature of your product?”
Be EXPLICT in putting this in your report
b) Also include specifically your understanding of the level of evidence for EACH source
you use in the report – See DISCERN template
2. Of the sources selected, there MUST be a MINIMUM 2 peer-reviewed journal
publication sources (2 primary sources or 1 primary and 1 secondary peer reviewed
source minimum) which must be cited using the AMA style formatting. Students MUST
obtain the actual hard-copy of the entire journal articles selected
a) Answer the question: Was free-text available (Y/N) If yes, the article is free full
text, the you should print a separate PubMed screen shot to document that it was
and attach it with submission.
If free text is not available…
b) Attach interlibrary loan requesting the article
1) & you must ALSO provide ‘proof’ that you obtained the ENTIRE article not
just the abstract (screen shot the email you received when the article was
available to you)
2) See DTHY 327 PubMed Modules for how to request an interlibrary loan
3. You must include information in your report from a minimum of 1 textbook (as a
secondary source) which must be cited within the body of the submission and in the
bibliography using the AMA style formatting
4. Evidentiary summary: Use the literature critique template as a guide and address each
category in full (all 25 questions of the template should be covered within each of the
following categories as it applies to your product’s evidentiary sources):
a) author credentialing
b) funding of the studies
c) research design (methods and materials)
d) results
e) discussion and conclusions
NOTE: do the above for each article AND then compare and contrast the articles
? this list is an example not all inclusive. Use professional judgement in what else
might be important to include
5. Application of evidence to PICO: Remind your reader of what the manufacturer claimed
about the product and then summarize how your research questions (PICO) was
answered by the evidence you found: Ex: the manufacturer claimed the toothpaste
H316 Preventive I: Dental Product Report Instructions Fall
reduces cavities. Loe found a reduction by 57% over the 7 years of the experiment. Smith
also found a reduction of 35% in that 3 year study.
6. Recommendation: given a client in clinic make an evidenced-based decision on
recommending the product specifying best practices for its use. (Answer these 3
questions with justification)
1) Will you recommend the product?
2) Would you recommend the product but only for certain circumstances?
3) Would you NOT recommend the product?
NOTE: For ALL responses provide JUSTIFICATION for your professional opinion (see
Justification Essay tips for details in making a strong case for a professional opinion in
8). Formatting: correctly use the AMA style format in the references and in the body of the paper (See
example in BlackBoard Syllabus section)
9) Timeliness: post of the completed paper and references in the Discussion Board of DTHY 316
BlackBoard site
A grading rubric for this assignment is available in Blackboard™. Students should review the rubric PRIOR to
completing the assignment as it is criterion referenced to clearly state the outcomes expected for success on the
assignment. Late submissions for this project will result in a penalty of 10% deduction per day late (including weekends or
holidays). As this assignment is instrumental to achieving the goals and competencies of the program, students MUST
meet a minimum standard of 75% on this assignment to be considered successful. Failure to do so will result in an
incomplete in the course until successful remediation has been accomplished to the course director’s satisfaction
TIPS in organizing and presenting your argument in the dental product report:
The module will provide information on the content of the dental product report. MAKE SURE EACH ASPECT OF THE MODULE
This segment is to help you organize and present your findings.
You don’t need to have a title page.
Create a header in your word document with your name and the name of the dental product on each page.
Create a footer in your word document with page numbers
Include the following within your submission: Attachments to accompany the dental product report submission:
1. PICO worksheets (include all pages).
2. Be sure to include the screenshots of your search pages in both PubMed and Trip or 1findr databases to show the articles you
located. Just attach these with the PICO worksheets for a single document.
3. If the article was full text, make sure that is on the screenshoted page above. If you needed to get an interlibrary loan, screenshot
the email that you sent AND the reply showing that you obtained access to the article.
The basic structure and organization of the dental product report is as follows:
1. Abstract: Write out this sentence relating to the purpose of the assignment: “The purpose of this assignment was to conduct a
review of the literature to assess safety and efficacy of the (fill in the blank name of product).
2. Introduction/Background: Write out this paragraph: The manufacturer’s claims are……. (Answer all questions about the product
itself, see module and answer Who-what-where- how – when – why- how much and other questions directly about the product)

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