Deviant Behavior at Criminal Forensic Implementation

Deviant Behavior at Criminal Forensic Implementation

Warm-Up 3.1: Can Deviant Behavior at the Criminal Level Change?

As you begin to think about deviance, consider deviance in the form of sexual offending. Sexual offenders are often locked away for life and some are committed to indefinite incarceration as sexually dangerous persons. But can sex offenders be rehabilitated and is there efficacy in the treatment that is provided for them?

The worst offenders: Can they change? (2010) [ Video file]. New York, NY: Films Media Group.

Deviant Behavior at Criminal Forensic Implementation Assignment

This week, you will take an in-depth look at the treatment of a special population. For this assignment, prepare a presentation about an evidence-based practice, which includes treatment protocols that have been researched and found to be efficacious for a particular group of offenders. The audience for this presentation will be mental health practitioners and administrators. You may use the special population you have selected for your Signature Assignment, or you may pick another population of interest for this weekís assignment.

Deviant Behavior at Criminal Forensic Implementation

Specifically, your presentation must include the following:

Information about offender group to be helped. Overview of evidence-based practice treatment program.Explanation of basic skills or knowledge necessary to implement this program effectively.Discussion of research related to the efficacy of the program.Any issues related to utilizing this treatment program in a forensic setting.

Deviant Behavior at Criminal Forensic Implementation

Support your presentation with at least two sources from peer-reviewed journal articles.

Length: 7-10 slides (with a separate reference slide)

Notes Length: 100ñ150 words for each slide

Create a professional presentation that incorporates appropriate animations, transitions, graphics, and speaker notes. The speaker notes may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. Be sure to add a reference slide or transition for all the references you use. Be sure to add your last name in the footer of each slide.

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