Digital Marketing Email or Newsletter and Privacy Policy

Digital Marketing Email or Newsletter and Privacy Policy This task contains several tasks for you to complete.

Digital Marketing Email or Newsletter and Privacy Policy
Digital Marketing Email or Newsletter and Privacy Policy

The grading rubric is divided into the following sections, mostly corresponding to these tasks.
Analysis of Email/Newsletter and Privacy Policy 4 points
Analysis of Social Media Channels: Activity & Tone 4 points
Analysis of Online Reputation Management & Web PR 3 points
Overall Professionalism and Presentation Quality 3 points

Digital Marketing Email or Newsletter and Privacy Policy Bibliography and Appendices

Total Points 14 points
Your analysis and write-up are to be completed within this file and then saved and uploaded to the designated Moodle dropbox. Make sure to read the instructions for each section carefully. You will not earn full marks if you do not provide sufficient content. The three worksheets that you will complete during the semester will then form the basis of your final paper that is due at the end of the course.
Remember, these worksheets are not “drafts,” as they will also be graded for professionalism, formatting, grammar and spelling, paragraph development, and the proper inclusion of APA reference citations and bibliography (including website references for the tools that you used in your analysis).
Before proceeding, complete the information below. Then, save the file using your student number as the file name (e.g., 300123456.docx). If you are working with a partner, use both student numbers in the file name (e.g., 300123456-300987654.docx).
Date Submitted:
Company Name:
Company Website URL:
Student 1 Name:
Student 1 Number:
Student 2 Name:
Student 2 Number:
Note that you may complete this project as an individual or with a partner from this section.
E-Mail and Newsletter Subscriptions & Privacy Policy
Let’s start with a discussion about email lists, and then follow up with an analysis of their privacy policy.
Does your company and its competitors collect customer email addresses (e.g., via “contact us” forms on their website)? Are there company newsletters that you can subscribe to? If so, how frequently are they sent out and for what purpose?

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