Dinner Party Economics Essay Assignment

Dinner Party Economics
       Dinner Party Economics

Dinner Party Economics

Need to write a persuasive letter to a politician or news outlet about the book titled “Dinner Party Economics”, need to talk about 3 topics from the book, 1st topic to be obvious, 2nd to be interesting and 3rd to contradicting to you opinion, quotation and page number needed, the style of narrative to be some what close to that of the book. Add real life examples so that the writers can relate the book to his life

The writing assignment should have the following components:
1) It should be a well written persuasive letter to a politician or news outlet about what you are learning from reading Dinner Party Economics (DPE) using proper spelling, grammar and paragraphs.
2) It should be between 1100 and 1200 words.
3) It must reference 3 concepts found in DPE. One concept must come from chapters 1-4, another from chapters 5-9 and the last from chapters 9-12.
4) It should outline how and why you have found these ideas to be important.
5) You should apply these concepts a) to something in the news.
6) It should reference the page number with (pXX) in text. For example, “Now I understand why the Keynesian revolution replaced the classical view of Macroeconomics (p.174).”


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