Disaster Recovery and Business Plan

Disaster Recovery and Business Plan
        Disaster Recovery and Business Plan

Disaster Recovery and Business Plan for organization effected by hurricane Katrina

Conduct a web search on organizations that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Please select one business and cover the following:

(a) Provide a background of the organization.

(b) How was the organization impacted? What losses did it suffer?

(c) Describe the disaster recovery and business continuity that the business had in place?

(d) What were the lessons learned?

Entergy’s recovery efforts can be traced back to long before Katrina hit. The $10 billion energy company has a disaster recovery plan that’s tested and revised once a year. Last year, that “test” came in the form of Hurricane Ivan. Entergy activated its storm command center and disaster recovery processes in response to the approaching storm which ultimately made landfall further east in Pensacola, Fla. And just this April, the company conducted an extensive storm drill which simulated what corporate executives thought of as a worse case scenario — a major hurricane followed by extreme flooding.

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