Diversity and Privilege Walk Video Discussion

Diversity and Privilege Walk Video Discussion This discussion contains 3 parts:

First, view this video related to Privilege:

Privilege Video (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site.

Second, go through the following list of questions related to the Privilege Walk you just viewed in the video and get your personal “score”.

Diversity and Privilege Walk Video Discussion
Diversity and Privilege Walk Video Discussion

Your starting score is 45. You will add or deduct points based upon your answers to the 45 questions to obtain your personal score. Each “step” is a point, so instead of “stepping” back or forward you will deduct or add points to your starting score of 45.

Diversity and Privilege Walk Video Discussion

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers to these questions.

(You are NOT required to post this score.)

Note: This can be difficult and you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable, defensive, or even angry. You are encouraged to acknowledge those feelings to yourself and to continue with the exercise. This will help you discover more about privilege and the power that can come with it.

The Privilege Walk Discussion Questions Preview the document

THIRD: Respond to these questions:

This activity was originally developed to force participants to confront the ways in which society privileges some individuals over others. It is designed to get participants to reflect on the different areas in their lives where they have privilege as well as the areas where they don’t.

What were some factors influencing your privilege that you have never thought of before? 2 points

What statement made you think most? 2 points

How can your understanding of your privileges or marginalization improve your existing relationships with yourself and others in the workplace? 2 points

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