E-Marketing Class: Analyze Apple and Urban Outfitters

E-Marketing Class: Analyze Apple and Urban Outfitters
E-Marketing Class: Analyze Apple and Urban                           Outfitters

E-Marketing Class: Analyze Apple and Urban Outfitters

Create a 4 page paper analyzing APPLE and URBAN OUTFITTERS
answering these questions…..

Provide an analysis of the site from a Consumer’s Perspective:
1) First time on site? How do they greet you? Asking you to sign up and get a discount?
2) How easy is it to navigate? Are you browsing or looking for something specific?
If you do not have the fastest internet, are graphics getting in the way?
3) When you open to the site, are they immediately speaking to their target audience?
How do they do that? Give me specific examples.
4) Do you need to go through too many steps before you achieve what you want? Give me
specific examples.
5) Now look at Customer service. How hard was it to find contact info? Phone #, email, chat?
Are they customer centric and actually want you to call, or do they want you to email?
What are your feelings about this?

Define the profile of Their Target Audience
o Is the target customer male or female? Are you the target? Why?
o What do these customers do with their lives? Work, school, etc
o How do they earn their income?
o What level of education do they have?Meaning are they tech savvy, are they shopping for
convenience or doing research?
o Why are they shopping at this site rather than in a physical store?
Where else would this Consumer be browsing?
o Pick two other competitive sites that offer the consumer similar or exact products.
o Detail a comparison to each site with product availability price and ease of use.

Experience a purchase
Put something in your cart–what happens over the next few days?
o Did you get an email? What do they offer you?
o Go on your social networks. Is the product there? Have you been tagged by the site?
o Have you been put on their mailing list?

Promoting/Social Media
Sign up using your email. Over a 15 day period, monitor the volume of emails and the content.
o Are they sending ticklers without discounts?
o Are they trying to get more information on you so they can recommend products?

Report back how many emails they have sent you over 30 days. Be sure to check your spam in the beginning and count those as well.

Analyze and give me your assessment backed up by specific examples of how easy it is to connect with them through social media.

Do they do a good job? What improvements would you make?

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