Eating Disorders Across Cultures Research Paper

Eating Disorders Across Cultures
             Eating Disorders Across Cultures

Eating Disorders Across Cultures

This paper utilizes The Electronic Human elations Area Files – eHRAF. This is being used to conduct a cross-cultural comparison of one or more body practices across ten different cultures. This is a group paper between two people, we have come up with an outline and sources already that will be attached. We are just looking for someone to write the paper.

Title: Eating Disorders Across Cultures

Research Question: How do eating disorders differ across different cultures?


  • What are the types of eating disorders and how do they differ?
  • What is the percent of those who suffer from the disorder?
  • How is it treated in each culture?
  • How is it viewed in each culture?


  • Palestinians
  • Amhara
  • Korea
  • Chicanos
  • Akan
  • Iran
  • Huichol
  • San
  • Ojibwa
  • Mapuche


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