Educational Combinations Approaches

Educational Combinations Approaches This essay has poor directions, so I will also post the instructor’s example.
Directions: Discuss ways in which teachers combine the educational approaches. Discuss why a combination of approaches might be more effective than a single approach.

Educational Combinations Approaches
Educational Combinations Approaches

If you can, please use Exceptional Learners by Daniel Hallahan as source Instructor’s example: Teachers understand that learning is a continuum; not everyone is at the same position at the same time, nor does everyone follow the same path to achieve success. When using different strategies, teachers need to monitor their students’ responses to instruction and modify activities, strategies, approaches, and materials until they find the right match for the individual student. I have found it a constant process, adjusting the instructional
strategies and methods I use and having to anticipate problems or inappropriate behaviors so I could intervene to prevent difficulties. This took years of
experience to do and learning from my mistakes. It pays to be reflective.

Educational Combinations Approaches

Teachers have many resources and techniques available for them and should take advantage of them so that all their students might be able to gain the best education available. Using a combination of approaches will allow the teacher to find out what works best for each student.

Educational Combinations Approaches

One approach could work great for a particular student but might not be appropriate for another one. Using a combination of approaches gives a teacher the ability to assess the students and the educational considerations that work best for them. Working with students with disabilities many times a student has more than one disability to contend with and it is important to have many different considerations so that the teacher, parents, and even the students will be able to have many options to use.
“How and particular [person] with learning disabilities will fare depends on a variety of factors and is difficult to predict.” (Hallahan, Kaufman, Pullen, 2009, p. 216) Because of this, it is important to have many considerations and combinations so that the right ones can be put into place for each student.

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