Educational Philosophy Statement Assignment

Educational Philosophy Statement
Educational Philosophy Statement

Educational Philosophy Statement

In this essay (about 2 pages), you will articulate your personal philosophy of education. Be thinking: What statement describes your philosophy of teaching and learning? This will probably be your thesis statement and be the starting point for your creation.
A. It is appropriate to first guide your reader (or viewer) with an introduction that includes a description, a scenario, or an explanation of your chosen philosophy(ies). This part will definitely require you employ citations from our main text. Remember, ideas about these philosophical theories are not your own, and credit must be given to those who formulated them.
B. Next, articulate who you are (or will be) philosophically. You should write (or include) answers to the following:
• What should be the focus or goal of education? Why?
• Based on your philosophy, how do you anticipate interacting with students and parents?
• How will your philosophy be implemented in your future classroom? If I were to visit you, what would I see in your classroom that would make me believe your philosophy is really what you say it is?
C. Lastly, a brief conclusion is necessary to summarize and to synthesize your thoughts.

Most of this paper is indicative of your views regarding the nature of teaching and learning. It is normal, and acceptable, to use first person point-of-view in this paper (I, me, we). These are your beliefs. Articulate them well! It is not enough to just repeat what you have read. The well-prepared teacher must explain his or her rationale for designing a learning experience in a particular way. Be sure to express why you believe what you do.

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