Educational Reflection Wadja Movie Assignment

Educational Reflection Wadja Movie Assignment Need watch movie “Wadja”
Students will consider, explore, and analyze injustices and social systems that were introduced in the film we viewed in class on 9/25.

Educational Reflection Wadja Movie Assignment
Educational Reflection Wadja Movie Assignment

Topics and themes to be considered for this assignment have also been a part of our course reading selections as well as the discussions that have continued throughout the semester.
In 4-6 pages, students will be asked to consider topic(s)/theme(s) of their choice, perform an additional topic exploration to further inform themselves on key findings, and will situate the topic exploration within the contexts of their first-year experiences at Boston College and in the Lynch School.
Students who submit a thoughtful reflection and critical analysis will have taken each of the following steps:
Identify and introduce an injustice and/or social system of interest and passion, and share the importance and/or relevance of the injustice or topic.
Explore a minimum of four (4) peer-reviewed, empirical articles on the injustice or social system of choice.

Educational Reflection Wadja Movie Assignment Paper Format and Guidelines

Analyze and present the findings across the articles, and be sure to appropriately cite your sources using APA format.
Reflect, suggest potential solutions, and propose next action steps – all of which can be informed by your research – to your injustice or social system of choice. Cite in APA format, where appropriate.
Answer the following: How have you been able to experience, reflect, and act on this injustice or social system? Consider contexts that range from the Boston College campus (the BC bubble) to society at large.

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