Effective Communication for Project Success

Effective Communication for Project Success in Organizations I want a reply post to the below post in 150 words using APA format

Effective Communication for Project Success
Effective Communication for Project Success

1)The entire success of a project in any organization totally depends upon effective communication. Primary goal/role of a
project manager would be to communicate properly across all the requires channels/peripherals.
A successful project manager should showcase the real benefits of effective communication by taking a lead in making team prepared
to lead by example. The effective project manager should not only be available/engaged in just speaking and hearing out the team members but should be in a situation to understand the complete context under any situation. A simple miscommunication
in the project can lead to a delay in the project deadlines/deliverables. With the advancement of technology ,
it is the primary job of the project manager to connect all the required dots, fill the gaps and make sure the right information
reaches out to the right individual within the stipulates time.
2)As per the case study,although Herb has been working as a full-timer (has been acquainted with the company for quite long enough
to understand all the existing intricacies) with the doctorate in different aspects of manufacturing projects, I would say he
might not be the right choice to play the role of a project manager. Herb lacks the following effective project manager primary
roles a) sync-up with the team members b) maintain relational and communicative abilities across different teams. Herb with
his capabilities and skill-set might not be able to finish the deliverables on-time for which effective communication and
teamwork would be required. It goes by the same principal Divide and Conquers, divide the tasks across the team members with
suitable skill-sets followed by communicating the right information across the right channel. Before actually assigning the project management roles and responsibilities, it would be better if Herb can attend different PM courses along with attending
regular meetings (knowledge share sessions) with the team members.
3)Alice would have reached out via the right channel so as to make Herb understand her requirements. It would have removed the unwanted
miscommunication between the required parties.
Bob would have maintained a straight talk with Herb and should have worked as a team to come up with the right output that removes
the unwanted gaps. Daily stand-up meetings with the discussion about the ongoing updates would be fruitful.
Frank, with the opinion of not being consulted or communicated regarding the purchase of the expensive materials, cleared out
the doubts by maintaining active communications with Betty.
Betty would have placed the right procurement order if she would have been properly informed by Herb earlier.
In my opinion, Agile methodology with a scrum master sharing the roles and responsibilities of a project manager along with
regular stand-up meetings would help with the above-mentioned issues.

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