Competency 2: Apply decision-making and leadership skills in a police administration environment.

There are three major decision-making models: the rational model, the incremental model, and the heuristic model. Herbert Simon developed the concept of decision making called the rational-comprehensive model. The bounded rationality involves three sets of factors that limit rationality:
Skills, habits, and reflexes that are no longer in the realm of the conscious.
Values and conceptions of purpose which influence decision making;
The extent to which the knowledge possessed is relevant to the job. (Swanson, Territo, & Taylor, 2017)
Charles Lindblom (as cited by Swanson, Territo, & Taylor, 2017) advanced the idea that managers make decisions incrementally rather than analytically as they muddle their way through problems. Finally, William Gore believed that humanism was the crucial element of decision making. His heuristic model is based on the gut-level approach, in which a decision is a product of the experience and instincts of the personality making the decision.

For this discussion, select an active shooter scenario that details one of the three major decision-making models discussed above. In your main post: Please use the Colombine High School Shootings.
Outline the chosen active shooter scenario from a police administrator’s perspective.
Explore two recommendations to resolve a protracted crisis event such as the one you selected.
Analyze the errors in decision making you would try to avoid as a police administrator in your chosen scenario.

The competencies addressed in this discussion are supported by discussion objectives, as follows:
Competency 2: Apply decision-making and leadership skills in a police administration environment.
Outline a scenario involving a decision-making model from a police administrator’s perspective.
Predict two recommendations a police administrator would utilize to resolve a protracted crisis event.
Analyze errors in decision making a police administrator would try to avoid.

Respond to the posts of two peers. Interact with other learners about your scenario involving a decision-making model.
How did your understanding and your peers’ understanding of the models vary?
Did you agree or disagree with other learners regarding what recommendations you, as a police administrator, would utilize to resolve a protracted crisis event? Why or why not?
Was there a consensus among learners regarding what errors in decision-making a police administrator would try to avoid? Why or why not?
APA citations are not required for discussions. However, if outside material is used, you are required to cite references.

Swanson, C. R., Territo, L., & Taylor, R. W. (2017). Police administration: Structures, processes, and behavior (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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