Effects of Implementing School Dress Code

Effects of Implementing School Dress Code “Excellent/A” paper likely: Uses a sophisticated title. The introduction paragraph provides an excellent overview of the chosen topic, along with any necessary background information, and there is a concise thesis that clearly argues for or against something, presents a solution to a problem, or defends a position.

Effects of Implementing School Dress Code
Effects of Implementing School Dress Code

The overall argument is thought-provoking and engaging to the reader. •Is organized logically and effectively. The paper uses an organizational pattern consistently in order to efficiently answer the research question. Each paragraph focuses on a single idea and makes use of a stated, concise topic sentence (or the topic is gracefully implied). Sophisticated transitions are used to show connections between paragraphs. These transitions are seamless and each paragraph builds on the preceding one. •Develops body paragraphs with interesting and original reasons. A large portion of each paragraph is devoted to the writer’s own opinion and evaluation. Each body paragraph presents a focused idea that answers how and/or why (or why not). Evidence for the writer’s opinion has been provided by using effective and appropriate quotations throughout.

Effects of Implementing School Dress Code Reference Source Material

Source material has been used in less than 30% of the paper, and valid evaluations follow all the source material included. As a whole, the body paragraphs demonstrate a superior level of understanding of the controversial issue and the argument presented. The essay engages the topic in an original way. The research question is significant and focused, and the essay presents an original and sophisticated point of view. Overall, the essay makes a very persuasive argument. •Includes a conclusion that offers a sophisticated final evaluation of the main points of the argument and leaves the reader with a final impression.

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