Effects of Media in Broadway Shows

Effects of Media in Broadway Shows topic question is – how media affects Broadway shows?
I want you to write both sides, negative and positive side.

Effects of Media in Broadway Shows
Effects of Media in Broadway Shows

I want you to include these examples and more negative and positive sides.
negative – illegal videotapes all over there internet of the show so people downloaded it and not go to see it in theatre, etc.
positive- advertisement on the show or comments and ratings that can make the show better, improve by looking at ratings and comments by people etc.
Get as many specific details (piracy, etc.) as you can.
it is a research paper so references as much as you want to use.

Effects of Media in Broadway Shows Guidelines for Papers

The only restrictions for these papers are that you stick to the subject matter and time period covered by this course (musicals in America between the mid 19th century and now)
1. In writing about productions, remember these criteria:
* Describe what sort of show it is (revival, a new musical, adaptation, etc.). What tone and style are they trying for? What (if anything) sets it apart from and/or connects it to other shows you’ve seen or to things we’ve discussed in class? Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of music, lyrics, book, choreog¬raphy, staging, casting & design.
* How (& how well) does the production utilize these elements? Does it realize the aims of its creators? Assess and critique performances and directorial/production choices.
* Was it worth doing? Give your judgment (and those of audiences/critics, if relevant).

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