Eleanor and Park Essay

Analysis essay
Analysis essay

Analysis essay

In a three-page, typed, and double spaced literary analysis essay, please be sure that you:

  • include an introduction paragraph, which grabs the reader’s interest and offers an arguable thesis statement as its last sentence.
  • offer several supporting paragraphs which open with a transition word, phrase, or sentence and have governing topic sentences. The supporting paragraphs will also offer concrete examples from the novel. For this essay, you will need to weave in the evidence you gather from the text in ways that are logical and productive. Use the text to support your thesis by including specific passages from the novel. In addition to borrowing textual evidence from the novel (the primary text) to support your claims, you will also be required to consult one secondary source about an issue related to your essay topic. Because Eleanor and Park is a young adult novel, unfortunately, there is not much scholarship about it. Therefore, you’ll need to consult scholarship about one of the issues within the novel (e.g. loss, abuse, post-traumatic stress, gender stereotypes, etc.). Find a scholarly text (i.e. a scholarly journal article or scholarly book) and use it to further support your claims. You can find scholarship in The Ritz Library’s research databases. Finally, be sure that you introduce the quoted passages (from the play or scholarly source) and then analyze the passage in a sentence or two to help your reader understand the significance of the quoted material.
  • provide a conclusion paragraph that restates the main point of the essay in slightly varied and interesting language and gracefully sums up the paper.
  • ï adhere to the MLA Style formatting when citing the novel (Rowell 37). Please consult Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab site (Purdue OWL owl.english.purdue.edu) for additional documentation guidance. A link to the Purdue OWL website can also be found on our Blackboard site under Content. In-text citations and the corresponding Works Cited page are mandatory.

ï Follow the tips outlined in the Suggestions for Writing Success sheet (uploaded under Content on our course Blackboard site).

Choose from one of the following writing prompts:

1) Consider the unsettling of safe spaces in Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park.

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