English legal system Summative Assessment One

English legal system Summative Assessment One English Legal System LL1004
Summative Assessment One
Please write a case note review essay on In the Matter of M (Children) Judgment of the Court of Appeal 20 December 2017 [2017] EWCA Civ 2164.

English legal system Summative Assessment One
English legal system Summative Assessment One

Word count is maximum 2,500 words. Instructions for OSCOLA referencing, essay writing and requirements for turnitin submissions are in the Unit Guide, the assessments section of Moodle and in the School of Law undergraduate student handbook – available in the Law Programme Resources section of Moodle.

English legal system Summative Assessment One Paper Instructions

Include the following in your answer:
• An abstract of the case
• An introduction
• The facts of the case
• An analysis of the judgment in the case, including consideration of:
o The ratio decidendi and any comments made obiter dicta
o Any rules of judicial precedent or statutory interpretation that may be relevant
o Any competing or differing rights of particular people or groups involved in the case and/or how this links to wider societal issues
o Any moral issues arising in the case and how law seeks to deal with them
o A conclusion
This should include an explanation as to whether you think the judgment is correctly reasoned by reference to any arguments you consider to be relevant supported by evidence made by scholars, other commentators or other materials, all fully referenced.

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