Environment, Crime, and Disease-Germany


Environment, Crime, and Disease-Germany


In this, the final of your research assignments, you will be creating a report that addresses issues of environment, crime and disease. Their interface is
tremendously important to consider in the context of increasing globalization of the world. An example would be the resource of water which some are calling
the “next oil.” In this assignment you will write a report to an individual/agency within your assigned country who may be able to address some of the
problems you have identified. Your research in your first paper regarding the structure of government may be of help here. In this report, you will begin
with an overview section. The second section should be a development/details of the issue(s) you feel are most important for your assigned country to
address. The final section should be a conclusion in which you make your recommendation on how the issue(s) should be addressed.
Using the following resources, and at least two of your own from your research give an overview of environment, crime, and disease in your assigned country.
Water of Life in Peril
Population and Sustainability
Global Warming and Climate Change Video National Geographic
The World Bank
LexisNexis Academic is one of the academic databases available through the Franklin University Nationwide Library.
BBC Global Crime Report
World Health Organization
Human Trafficking
Cyber crime
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Division for Sustainable Development.
Read this article about Today’s Hidden Slave Trade.
Watch the Tanzania Video. to find out how global warming and deforestation are melting the vast snow fields of Mount Kilimanjaro, once admired by Ernest
Now, select one or two of the issues you have read about and the impact they have had or are having on the economy and development of your assigned country.
Address these issues in a report to an individual/agency within your assigned country who may be able to address some of the problems you have identified.
Finally, write a conclusion for this report for the agency or individual to consider regarding implications for continued globalization.
This should be a 4- to 5- page report as outlined in the overview, using APA format.
Include a reference page and relevant internal citations to support your paper. This should include all of the works that you cited using APA citation
Submit your assignment to Turnitin.com at least 48 hours before the due date, and revise your paper according to the feedback you receive from this system.
Purpose of the paper:
Examine the effects of globalization on issues of the environment, crime and disease
Investigate issues of environment, crime, and disease of a given country
Synthesize the environmental, crime, and disease issues of a given country
Critique how the environmental, crime, and disease issues have affected the development and economy of the country
Analyze the issue of overpopulation

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