EPresentation on African American Freedom Movements

EPresentation on African American Freedom Movements You will have to complete an Electronic Presentation on African-American Freedom Movements that is worth up to 100-points.

EPresentation on African American Freedom Movements
EPresentation on African American Freedom Movements

In organizing and completing your
Electronic Presentation, you will need to research a significant individual, organization, event, and or cultural phenomenon in African-American History from the Colonial Era to Reconstruction.

EPresentation on African American Freedom Movements and Possibilities

(Examples of such possibilities include Frederick Douglass, the formation of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the development of the music or dialects of African-Americans during slavery, etc.) Your Electronic Presentation can be in the form of a digital video
presentation, an audio-laden PowerPoint or Prezi presentation, a YouTube clip, a podcast or something similar. Your Electronic Presentation must be creative
in both style and substance. In presenting your chosen subject, you will need to provide a little bit of background information on your subject (i.e. who or
when the person or event was active, what impact did the subject have on the evolution of African-American history and/or culture, why the chosen subject is
significant to current developments in American and African-American history and/or culture. You will also have to briefly explain why you made that
particular selection. Review and edit your Electronic Presentation before you post it to Blackboard to ensure that it is well-organized and that it flows
well. Your presentation should be between 7 to 10 minute-running time. Think of yourself as the teacher when organizing your presentation. Give a
presentation that your temporary students (i.e. your classmates and Dr. Brown) will find both impressive and informative. The more creative, interesting,
engaging, organized, and informative your presentation is the higher your grade will be. If your presentation is disorganized, bland, and unimaginative, or is difficult to access electronically you should not expect a stellar grade.

EPresentation on African American Freedom Movements Optional Group Presentation

Moreover, I will give you the option to form a two-member group in organizing and giving your presentation. Each group member must fully participate in organizing and giving the presentation. Moreover, each group member will get a separate and individual grade that is based on both the quality of the presentation and the role he/she played in it. (See syllabus page 11 for the Grading
Rubric for the Electronic Presentation on African-American History.)

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