Essay about United Nations Available Here

Essay about United Nations
Essay about United Nations

Essay about United Nations

Does the United Nations matter as an international organization? Should we take it seriously as an actor in international politics? Use current events as examples to support your argument. Use readings and lecture as well.

Here are some guidelines for writing your paper.

First, in about one paragraph explain what the UN is. Describe its membership, its charter, and the structure of the UN.

Second, identify two or three criteria that you will use to evaluate whether or not the UN “matters.” The word “matters” is vague and deliberately so because it allows you to select the criteria that you want to use to evaluate it. To get some ideas, just do a Google search “Is the UN a failure?” You will find a lot of people have some really strong ideas. You can also look specifically for academic journal articles. A good way to locate articles: go to, click on “Resources & collections,” and then using the dropdown menu select “Databases,” and scroll down to Google Scholar. Click on that, and for search terms type in “united nations” and “is the UN a failure.” This will identify articles that critique the UN and they might give you really good ideas for your paper. So take some time and read through the book, listen to the lecture, and then perhaps locate 1 or 2 sources on the web. Be sure to cite them and be aware that sometimes our sources on the web are pretty bad. You can also use JSTOR as a search engine. Both Google Scholar and JSTOR are much more likely to produce good quality academic sources, but of course is not as user friendly as Google.

3. Finally, summarize your argument and conclude the essay.

4. Include a list of references. This does NOT count toward the 3 pages. Here is a link to a guide to cite sources using APA format:  You are welcome to use other styles of citation. Just be sure to cite. It is a good habit to have.

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