Ethical issues Research Paper Available

Ethical issues
                    Ethical issues

Ethical issues

6-page paper that discusses a topic from the perspective of two authors in our text book + works cited

The 6-page research paper will discuss any of the ethical issues outlined in our text book and compare and contrast the ideas of two of the authors (in our book) on the topic.

Name of the book : An Introduction to Moral Philosophy and Readings in Moral Philosophy by Jonathan Wolff and W.W Norton
(If the book its not online, you can choose one of the topics and write the name of the author and information will pop up)

Topics :
– Cultural Relativism, Skepticism and Subjectivism
– Religion, Natural Law and Ethical Egoism
– The Social Contract and Utilitarianism
Deontology: Immanuel Kant
– Deontology: Problems that arise
– Virtue Ethics
– Virtue Ethics: Problems that arise
– The Ethics of Gender and Race

6-page paper: MLA style: double space, font size 12 – times new roman. There must be an additional works cited page that has a minimum of 3 works cited (one must be your text book.)

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