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Prompt 1

Choose one ethnic/cultural group. How do their traditions/culture influence self-care to improve well-being. Choose one of the aspects of self (physical, mental, emotional/culture, spiritual). Cite sources from the readings or online library.

Prompt 2

In this week’s readings, a self-assessment tool is displayed. In this tool, the authors not only explore the aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self but they also include the parameters of relationship and choices. Choose one aspect of self and discuss how it is influenced by the parameters of relationship and choices.
please use 1 citation for each prompt


Prompt 1

Ethnic groups are a communally defined groups of people who identify themselves with each other through the same lineage, social, cultural or national understanding. These groups of people are usually affected by their lifestyle adopted from their ethnic or cultural back grounds in the way they carry themselves. This might render them not to have a good and healthy life. An example of an ethnic group in America are the Native Americans.

They are associated with chronic alcoholism and substance abuse among the adolescents. This leads to poor self-care among them resulting to mental illness. The same still has led to high numbers of individuals committing suicide (Schore et al, 2009, pg. 38)

Prompt 2

The aspect of self is an individual’s reflective consciousness. How people perceive themselves and how they are viewed by others. These aspects are affected by certain things including relationships and choice. There exists a number of categories relationships have. Among this is the marriage relationship. This relationship most of the time is faced with difficulties. These are as a result of couples not having enough understanding of each other. One of the couples might be a drunkard or rather not having the spiritual self, this leads to misunderstanding between the two. Usually the end results of such a relationship is divorce. (Iran, 2013, pg. 87)

Limits of choice also have a great influence on the spiritual self, choices made by an individual in the past might come to affect the person in the future in a number of ways for example frequent use of cigarette might lead to the infection of liver cirrhosis. When this person changes still the decision they made on substance abuse will continue haunting them.


Schore R., Levenson R.2009. Native Americans. Native center of Excellence.

Iran., J. 2013. Relationship between spiritual Quotient and Marital Relationship .Psychiatry Behave Sci.

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