Ethnographic Short Pentecostal church

Ethnographic Short Pentecostal church
Ethnographic Short Pentecostal church

Ethnographic Short Pentecostal church

Identify a public site where you will conduct your own participant-observation during the first two weeks of March (for 2-4 hours).

There are three parts to your assignment.
1. Provide a research question that incorporates one of the core themes/concepts of this course in relation to your proposed research site.
a. A “what” or “how” question(s) that will guide how your observations.
For example: “What symbols are used during a hockey game?” “How do Canadians represent their nation on Canada Day?”
2. Provide a description of where you propose to observe people in their daily lives (your “research site”). Who is there? And, what do you expect to observe? Be specific.
a. The location should be local and somewhere where you can be for 2-4 hours in the first two weeks of March.
b. The location needs to be public, which is a place where other people can reasonably expect to be observed by others without feeling their privacy is being affected. Examples include: park, store, bus, dance club, stadium, plaza, etc.
3. Find two academic article or book chapter that relates to your research site or themes in your research. Provide an “annotated bibliography” for each of the two articles/chapters.
a. An annotated bibliography is where you summarize the main arguments presented in the article/book chapter in one paragraph. For this assignment, your annotated bibliography should also include a paragraph about how the article/chapter relates to your research site. How does what the author says relate to your location or what people are doing in that space?
b. You may not find articles specifically about your site, but you can use articles/chapters that talk about related concepts. For example, you may not find articles about Ottawa night clubs, but you can find articles about gender and music that might help you understand more about your field site.
c. Provide a proper citation. For example:

Article in a journal:
Gershon, Ilana. (2014). Selling Your Self in the United States. Political and Legal Anthropology Review, 37(2), 281–295.

Last name, First name. (YEAR). Title of article. Title of journal, Volume#(Issue#), page numbers.

If citing a chapter in a book:
Last name, First name. (YEAR). Title of chapter. Title of book, page numbers.

If citing a chapter in an edited book:
Lastname, First name (YEAR). Title of chapter. Title of book (eds. Name of editors), page numbers.

How you will be marked:
Your assignment will be marked out of 5.
Three marks will be given for your research question and description of the location. Your question should be clear and relevant to your location (1 mark), then your description should clearly describe where you will observe people, who will be there, and what you expect to observe.
One mark will be given for each of your annotated bibliographic.

Your description of the article/chapter should indicate what was the main argument(s), as well as any relevant information the author used  to develop their argument. Your second paragraph should clearly show  how the article/chapter helps you think about/understand something about  your research site.

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