Event Analysis Essay Paper Assignment

Event Analysis
Event Analysis

Event Analysis

For this assignment, you will be comparing and contrasting two events from two different time periods. These events should, however, deal with the same central topic/theme. For example, an economic depression, a terrorist attack, Presidential election, etc. In a well-written 2-3 page paper, you will need to compare and contrast by doing the following

What are the two events? A description of them.

How are the events similar and how are they different?

Could these events have been prevented or were they inevitable?

How did they alter the course of American History?

In order to receive the MAXIMUM amount of credit, you need to meet the following criteria

– Proper Chicago Style citation (footnotes AND bibliography page) ______/25

– Meet the page requirement of 2-3 pages _____/25

– Clearly state the purpose of your paper with proper analysis _____/50

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