Evidence of American hegomonic Assignment

Evidence of American hegomonic
  Evidence of American hegomonic

Evidence of American hegomonic

1. Cohn cites each of the following as evidence of American hegomonic except:
A. Serious foreign debt problems
B. Lack of votes in the IMF and World Bank
C. Decreasing confidence in the US systems of governance
D. decreasing soft power

2. Cohn lists each of the following as reasons preventing japan from becoming a global hegemon except:
A. lack of business innovation
B. AN aging population
C. Restrictive immigration policies
D. High budget deficits

3. In 1987, the Brundtland report was published and described what has become known as
A. Keynesian economics
B. fair trade
C. Hegemonic stability theory
D. sustainable development

4. To conclude the book, cohn argues that we have not yet discovered the best development strategy, but the best strategy is likely to include characteristics of which theoretical perspective?
A. realism
B. all of the above
c. liberalism
d. historical materialism

5.which of the following refers the ways to accomplish seemingly contradictory objectives: generating wealth and development while preserving the environment?
a. demographic transition
b. demographic development
c. sustainable development
d. environmental economy

6. in the late 1960s, garret hardens article entitled tragedy Of the commons Describe the challenges of protecting _______ that are shared by everyone and owned by no one in particular the environment
A. Rival goods
B. Private goods
C. Excusable goods
D. Collective goods

7.Which theoretical perspective tenants to argue that globalization benefits the most powerful capitalist states and MNC’s at the expense of peripheral states and vulnerable societal groups
A. Institutional liberalism
B. Liberalism
C. Constructivism
D. Historical materialism

8.The average income in the richest 20 states is _____ Times higher than the average income in the poorest 20 states a gap that has doubled in the last 20 years
A. 12
B. 85

9.Which theoretical perspective tenants to argue that reports of the states declined due to globalization are greatly exaggerated and that the increase in global financial flows has occurred with the permission and encouragement of the most powerful states
A. Liberalism
B. Historical materialism
C. Constructivism
D. Realism

10.What country dumped more nuclear waste into the ocean than the total of all other nations combined.
A. North Korea
B. Soviet Union
C. China
D. United States

11.The remittance from the US amount to 3% of Mexico’s GDP and it is its largest source of income
True or false

12.In 1951 six states Britain Belgium France west Germany Italy and the Netherlands formed the European coal and steel community
True or false

13.From them or cancel his perspective overcoming hunger is more on a local or national as a post to global basis
True or false

14.Since 2000 North America as a region has lost more than 25% of its manufacturing jobs and it has lost competitiveness with other exporters especially china
True or false

15.Commercialization of sovereignty refers to the renting out of commercial privileges and protections to citizens and companies from other countries
True or false

16.When the Soviet Union collapsed in the cold war ended in the early 1990s the realist writer John Meer Shymor argued that cooperation among EU members would continue to tackle emerging global problems
True or false

17.The major principles of the global trade regime include trade liberalization nondiscrimination
reciprocity safeguards and development
True or false

18.I’m the Lisbon treaty 11 EU states adopted the euro as a common currency
True or false

19.During the early 1980s SE. Asian economies such as Malaysia Indonesia and Vietnam for a similar path and switch to export led growth strategies
True or false

20.Over half of India’s population is under 25 in approximately 40% are under the age of 18. These statistics point to emerging area of potential for India to enhance labor productivity
True or false

21.In the early 1990s privatization in Russia led to the emergence of oligarchs a small number of individuals with his huge influence in the economy government and the media
True or false

22.Predatory currency manipulation is more common than other forms of economic coercion such as a trade sanction. It is often used to target currency’s that are widely traded and widely held
True or false

23.Illicit transaction appeared in the global economy about a decade or so ago
True or false

24.GATT article 24 permits countries to form FTE and CE use that do not adhere to MFN treatment as long as these arguments meet specific conditions
True or false

25.According to Jonathan Kirshner unipolarity has made monetary conflict between competing currency areas less likely
True or false

26.The 1945 Smoot-Hawley tariff act increased average ad valorem rates on dutiable imports to52.8% the highest you have tariffs in the 20th century
True or false

27.One serious weakness of import substitution industrialization was in its inability to promote industrial competitiveness in developing countries
True or false

28.In 2008 the United Nations established eight millennium development goals to be achieved by 2010 including having the proportion of people suffering from extreme poverty and hunger between 1999 into thousand 10
True or false

29. Mercosur or the common market of the southern Cone was established in 1991 with four founding members Argentina Brazil Chile in Ecuador
True or false

30.The US Congress never ratified the Havana charter and GATT became an informal global trade organization by default
True or false

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