Examining Family and Marriage Threat in Current Trend

Examining Family and Marriage Threat in Current Trend It could be argued that family and marriage have never been more under threat than at the present time.

Examining Family and Marriage Threat in Current Trend
Examining Family and Marriage Threat in Current Trend

Examine this claim in the light of current trends and government policies Research report/essay (80% of total marks) (2500 words + or – 10%)
Assignment lay out nuclear family how I am going to tackle itIntro: I need to show my understanding of the essay title ( a particular family form is been under threat which is the nuclear family how I am going to tackle it
Main part: examine the claim that family and marriage are under threat show evidence. Can use statistic on how the family is been relating to divorce and marriage
Family theory need to talk on how people are no longer getting married in the traditional way
How the family is been seen in government perspective
How family are seen in media how they still promote about family structure .etc
Can also include cultural prospective within sociology,
Conclusion pro summarizes your response to the essay question.
Please follow the module outcome as well.
Module learning outcome =Assessment criteria The student can:
1. Understand the complexity of the idea of family life, and appreciate different ideologies of the family. =Discuss family complexity and demonstrate
awareness of different ideas about ‘the family’/childhood.
2. Understand the key theoretical approaches to social inquiry.=Discuss clearly and accurately key sociological theories, concept, and evidence relating to ‘the
3. Analyze different aspects of family life using sociological themes and concepts.= Examine family life through the use of sociological theory, drawing upon a range of literature to do so.
4. Evaluate arguments and debates about family life. =Use a range of academic literature to demonstrate awareness of, and assess, key issues relating to ‘the
5. Use their knowledge of the complexity of family life in real life settings and situations. =Use evidence from, for example, research studies and real-life
examples in the news to demonstrate awareness of the complexity of family life.
6. Apply their knowledge and understanding of family life in a written report. =Use sociological theories, concepts, and evidence on ‘the family’/childhood to
support discussion in the research report.

Examining Family and Marriage Threat in Current Trend Journals

Relevant journals include:?Child Abuse Review?Childhood?Children and Society?European Journal of Women’s Studies Journal of Child and Family Studies Journal
of European Social Policy Sociology
Useful websites include:?Centre for Research on Family, Kinship, and Childhood at the University of Leeds www.leeds.ac.uk/family
Family and Parenting Institute
Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
National Children’s Bureau
Office of Public Sector Information (Acts of Parliament)
Social trends
Troubled families

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