Examining two Characters on Antigone and Kreon

Examining two Characters on Antigone and Kreon Text can be accessed at https://mthoyibi.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/antigone_2.pdf

Examining two Characters on Antigone and Kreon
Examining two Characters on Antigone and Kreon

Examining Antigone and Kreon, explain which of the two characters you sympathize most with and why. In your essay, you will need to identify what each character tries to do that is right and what each character does that is wrong and explain why you sympathize more with one than the other.

Organization and Format

Introduction Start your paper by succinctly introducing your topic. ? Explain what you will prove or claim about the Antigone (i.e., Thesis Statement of Claim)?

Your thesis statement needs to be specific and concrete (e.g., Although Kreon realized that he was wrong and wanted to make amends for his mistake, I sympathize more with Antigone because she sacrificed her life for what she believed was right?

Avoid statements that are general and sweeping that go beyond the scope of the paper (e.g., ìI sympathize more with Antigone because she was right) Was Antigone right in everything she did? Couldn’t she have achieved the same results without causing so much pain to her loved ones?

Examining two Characters on Antigone and Kreon

Body Prove what you say you are going to do (e.g., prove your thesis statement)o Avoid introducing extraneous and tangential material that does not support your claim).o Remain focused on your topic and thesis statement? Be sure to examine the positive and negative attributes of both characters as you explain why you have more sympathy for one over the other.

Support your claims about Antigone with evidence from the play which you either quote (verbatim) or paraphrase (i.e., using your own words to summarize the main points of the reading.)

Do not simply state what you believeo Do not simply summarize the texto Refer specifically to the text and cite passages and sections of the work that support the claims that you are asserting.)?

When quoting and/or paraphrasing sources, be sure to cite them with in-text citations and list them in your Work Cited section (see MLA link in Canvas). ? Failure to cite a source which you draw from is plagiarism. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty

Examining two Characters on Antigone and Kreon Conclusion

So what? Explain why your findings matter. Tell us the reader what is significant about your interpretation of the two characters, how it helps us better appreciate the conflicts that Sophocles is depicting on stage, and the fundamental dilemma that we all face as we seek to achieve the good life. Do not just summarize what you said in the body.

Explain to your reader the significance of your investigation. Works Cited? List in alphabetical order sources which you draw upon in your paper (i.e., readings which you have quoted, referred to, and/or paraphrased in your paper

Style? Write simple, straightforward, and coherent sentences.? Use active verbs, and have nouns, not dependent clauses, serve as subjects of sentences. ? Watch out for agreement of tense and number.? Avoid excessive use of dependent clauses in a single sentence.? Avoid repetition of words.

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