Exploring Mens Perceptions about Male Depression

Exploring Mens Perceptions about Male Depression Cole, B. P., & Davidson, M. M. (2018). Exploring men’s perceptions about male depression.

Exploring Mens Perceptions about Male Depression
Exploring Mens Perceptions about Male Depression

Psychology of Men & Masculinity. Read the article. You will want to take your time reading the article and taking notes on the article prior to starting your paper. Journal research articles are complex and challenging to read.

Exploring Mens Perceptions about Male Depression Step 3:

Write your paper according to the outline provided below.

  1. An objective summary of the peer-reviewed journal research article. (Approximately 1.5-2 pages)
  2. Explain the overall background to this article. In other words, describe the “big picture” context of this study and why it is important. (2-3 sentences).
  3. Identify the researcher’s questions and hypotheses.
  4. Describe the participants, the key variables, and how the variables were measured.
  5. Explain the results of the study. Indicate the results that the authors stated were statistically significant (and those that were not). Also, include information indicating how the authors interpreted the results of their study (discussion section).
  6. A critical review of the research and suggestions for future studies. (Approximately 1-1.5 pages)
  7. Discuss limitations and ethical considerations of the research study including information related to the participants, variables, and procedures. Explain why these are limitations to the research. (Some limitations and ethical considerations can come from the authors, but some should be your own ideas.) State your own ethical concerns with the procedures and/or participants.
  8. Building off of the research study you read, design a future study. Explain the basics of the study including your research question, variables, participants, and procedures. Discuss how your study would extend the research on the topic in the original study you read.

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