Fahrenheit 9/11 Research Paper Assignment

Fahrenheit 9/11
       Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 9/11 research paper

To complete your research essay assignment, you are required to write a footnoted essay that explores in depth one of these themes: how journalism shapes its times; how the times shape journalism; or the place of journalism in American politics and culture. Think broadly about these themes: there are many different forms that your project can take. Here are some ideas.

You are required to use and cite at least two well-researched books as sources. If necessary, you can substitute a peer-reviewed academic journal article for one of the books, such as a well received movie review. Whether the book is in a print or electronic editions doesn’t matter: the key thing is for you to dig into solidly-researched books that have a lot to say. Chose your topic carefully. Conduct your research vigorously so that you have important questions to engage and plenty to say in an analysis that is grounded in solid sources.

For Fahrenheit 9/11, focus on arguing why this persons work is revealing.

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