Feminist Philosophers on Gender Discrimination

Feminist Philosophers on Gender Discrimination Group A
1. Which philosopher of feminism made an impression on you? Feminist philosophers have contributed to our thinking about the nature of men, women, and the process of gender discrimination.

Feminist Philosophers on Gender Discrimination
Feminist Philosophers on Gender Discrimination

Comment on one of the contributions of a feminist philosopher
and give your views about the concept she raises and why it is relevant in today’s society. Do not to repeat the contributions
of each philosopher on a point already discussed.
2. How has your life been influenced or affected by one of these approaches to feminism? Relate your understanding of at least
three of the following, comparing and contrasting their differences:
Liberal Feminism
Radical Feminism
Lesbian Feminism
Socialist Feminism
Black Feminism
Group B
1. What is the connection between feminism and global citizenship? Take one point or more about the issues of feminism and
relate them to a current issue of women’s oppression and/or empowerment as reflected in current events. Use the Global
Citizenship l to see current events through:
Amnesty International http://www.amnestyusa.org/
Religion and Ethics http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/
Or any other references you would like to use. However the above-mentioned are excellent.
2. How can white/Anglo women try to learn about the perspctives of women of color? Do you think it’s possible for different
groups to have truly empathic understanding of each other? Include in your answer a discussion of feminist philosopher(s).

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